Why Choose Laravel Framework For Web Development?

Why Choose Laravel Framework For Web Development?

Planning to build a web application but couldn’t decide which Web Development framework to choose? 

New web frameworks and tools are being released every day and with so many libraries and frameworks available online to choose from, it has become very difficult for developers and business owners to pick the right choice to build their web applications.

Laravel has been widely used by a majority of developers. Laravel captures more than 9% of the web development market, while Laravel surpasses 36% of the popularity of the web development framework. When it comes to web development, Laravel has been a major choice among business owners who want to take their business online. 

In this Article, we enumerate the key reasons to choose Laravel to build your web Applications. 

What is Laravel?  

Laravel is a well-known, open-source free PHP web framework used to build web applications. Laravel follows the architectural framework. Laravel is very easy to customize and you can create your project that meets the needs of your web application. With Laravel’s beautiful and elegant syntax, you can write self-explanatory and expressive code. Laravel is the choice of professional developers because of its performance, features, and scaling.

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Web Framework :

Laravel is in high demand due to its clarity, simplicity, and functionality. The global developer community supports Laravel because it simplifies the coding process and reduces development time for generating unwanted code in applications.

Laravel application is varied, covering all types of web content projects of varying complexity for different types of businesses.Interest in Laravel has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020 and is rising at an unprecedented rate. A total of 1,372 sites are created using Laravel developed By India. Of the top 1 million websites in the world, 8,432 or 0.84% are created using Laravel.


10 Business Benefits of Choosing Laravel Framework for Web Development

Know the Most reasons why companies preferred Laravel Development for Enterprise Application.

Easy to Get Started

Creating a website in PHP Laravel is very easy. In it, you can write practice code, as well as object-oriented programming. Laravel provides libraries that you can use to create a new website or web application. It allows you to implement HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to create a better website.

Open Source

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application platform that is free to use and has a very easy process for creating complex and large web application development with code maintenance. You can make changes in enterprise software development to suit your change in business needs.


The primary reason for choosing a Laravel framework structure is the optimal protection it provides. Although no framework is completely protected from online dangers, security depends on the code written and its structure.

Emerging Quickly:

According to Google trends, Laravel is the best and most used framework. It can easily handle very large projects & this is the reason why many companies have already adopted this framework.

MVC Architecture of Laravel Framework:

Laravel adopts an MVC (Model View Controller) framework that improves overall performance, provides better documentation, and simplifies various functions for a web application. This feature makes Laravel a great choice for web development.

Template engine blade

Laravel is equipped with the Blade template engine. You can use the plate to attach simple PHP code at a glance and compile scenes into PHP code. So, you can improve the performance of the website by compiling PHP code views and coding the code until you change the scenes. The blade server also facilitates data to display and layout expansion without affecting the application speed.

Migration for Database

Migration is very simple and quick because the database structure of any web application can be easily expanded without having to recreate any changes in the database.It reduces the chances of any risk of losing data. Migration allows you to change the most recent changes you have made to the database.

Large Community Support

If you go with Laravel growth, you can relax in terms of community support. Laravel offers extensive community support from experienced and dedicated developers. You can ask your questions to solve the problems that you face during development. In this way, we can say that it is easy to get the support of experts in Laravel development.

Built-in Project Environment

In the Laravel framework, developers get an integrated Laravel project environment that easily handles project-related issues. It enables developers to implement long and complex programming tasks without the hassle of providing a structured way of coding.

Testing is easy with laravel

It is important to test any application before it is available to end-users. The Laravel unit facilitates testing. Sometimes new changes can break systems unexpectedly. Laravel conducts several tests to ensure the stability of the application.

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