Udemy Clone App - Launch your own E-Learning Platform

Udemy Clone App - Launch your own E-Learning Platform

Udemy Clone Script

Udemy clone script is a powerful and feature-rich elearning App script, which can help you to start an eLearning Platform like Udemy and generate High revenue during this pandemic season. Udemy Clone App will have all the existing features of Udemy with some other additionally customized features based on your eLearning App business requirements. With our ready-made eLearning App Development solutions you can start an eLearning business Just like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda

We Employcoder provides you the best Udemy Clone Software package that possesses both Udemy Clone Website and as well as Udemy clone app for iOS and Android Platforms. which helps in faster eLearning App development and also cuts down the eLearning Platform Development costs and enables you to Launch your own elearning Website similar to Popular eLearning Platforms.

We offer the Popular eLearning Clone Apps such as 

Udemy Clone
Coursera Clone
Lynda Clone

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Why eLearning apps are the need of the moment in this COVID-19 Pandemic Situation?

The COVID-19 pandemic Situation represents an unprecedented disruption to the world. It has brought the world to hold into four walls. Schools, colleges, and nurseries across the world closed their doors due to this coronavirus outbreak. School, college closures during the lockdown could leave them with a learning loss. But Thanks to Technology, With schools around the country, closed due to Coronavirus, many institutions are handling the pandemic by turning to eLearning

E-learning apps like Udemy offering an ever-increasing array of eLearning tools to students, professionals, and individuals in a great way to learn from their homes amid COVID-19 situation by connecting them with the best instructors online around the world.

Online learning has been rapidly adopted due to wide-spread access, and the many benefits it offers. Educational institutions around the world are shifting to online learning programs. This crisis has definitely triggered an online boom for the education industry. As per the statistics, eLearning app downloads spiked in March-2020, increasing nearly 350%. So It is a great idea to build your trusted eLearning platform. join this growing industry and supply to the rising educational needs around the globe. The only thing you need is an On-Demand eLearning App that comprises of all the features.

Udemy - Online Learning platform

Udemy is one of the leading global online marketplaces for learning and instruction. With the help of Udemy learning is possible anywhere and at any time. It connects students to the best instructors around the world. It allows anyone to get access to a large number of online courses. The main part is that courses are available in various domains and also they are available in more than 80 languages.

Udemy Clone Software

Udemy Clone is an e-learning software that allows you to develop and launch your own e-learning marketplace like Udemy where students, professionals can learn and teach anything online. If you are looking to build an e-learning App then our white-labeled Udemy Clone App helps you to launch your app instantly. Our App can be customized as per your requirements.

Why Develop an Online eLearning Platform like Udemy?

Udemy is an interesting and evolving entry into the field of education providers. It transforms the traditional educational process through an online learning platform. Following it, Now the education entrepreneurs are revolutionizing traditional learning paradigms by replacing classroom instruction with online instruction from professionals around the world. 

In today’s world, many industries, schools, and businesses accept online courses and Certifications. As the acceptance of online degrees and certifications become more prominent, the popularity of online Learning Apps is also continuing to increase. Online learning has been rapidly adopted due to wide-spread access, and the many benefits it offers.

From a recent survey, it has been reported that the E-Learning apps are the future of education and on high demand for the next coming years. So it's the right time to build your e-learning app

Employcoder- Udemy Clone App Development Company

We Employcoder the leading On-Demand App Development Company, provides you with the top-notch Udemy Clone App to start your own online learning platform like Udemy. We develop clone scripts that are highly customizable and integrated with multiple additional features and plug-ins to grow faster than your counterparts.

Our Udemy Clone Script helps you save your time and cost of building an app from scratch that enables you to launch your online learning marketplace instantly. 


Our Udemy Clone Script Features

Admin Dashboard: Admin Dashboard gives control over the entire App ecosystem to manage the entire data of the app.

Social Media Integration: Users can register and log in through their social media platforms which makes the login process easier that saves time.

Instructor Dashboard: The instructors will have a separate dashboard to post their videos and content of their own that allows them to access and use the application with ease.

Language Options: It allows you to select languages of your choice from the available various language options.

In-App Payment Gateway: Our Apps comes with the powerful and secured Payment gateway integration for ease of transactions.

Referral: It allows users to send out referral links to increase users and these referrals also help users to earn rewards.

In-App Push notifications: Send Users messages and keep updated through push notifications when a new course or discount offered on their selected

Why Employcoder's Udemy Clone App?

 > App for both Android and iOS

 > Web App

 > Cost-Effective and Turnkey Solution

 > Robust and Scalable platform 

 > Advanced and Powerful Admin Panel

 > SEO Friendly

 > 24/7 Technical Support

We have years of experience in building various on-demand service mobile applications & solutions for peoples all around the globe. We had taken many business services to the next level with our App Development team. We provide you with the Best Udemy Clone App to start your own Online Learning Platform.

Do you want to see how Udemy Clone app would look like? Request to Check out our demo.

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Disclaimer: We Employcoder never represents & doesn't have any control over the trademarks of ‘Udemy,Coursera,lynda’. We only use these terms for a better understanding of our offerings. Our services designate no harm to any individuals or organization.

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