Uber Taxi Clone Script - Start a Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi Clone Script - Start a Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi Clone Script

To start a Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi, We Employcoder provides the best Uber Taxi Clone Script, which comprises of all the new and existing features of Uber Taxi that can be customized according to your requirements.

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The incursion of Mobile communications and the rise of concurrence technologies have totally modified the urban transport industry. Nowadays people no longer walk into the main street for a taxi. Uber has played a major role in this transformation by launching an attractive mobile Application for taxi-hailing at anywhere and any time

The global on-demand transportation market size was currently estimated at USD 75 Billion and is expected to expand at CAGR of 19.8% from 2018 to 2025.




You may heared about Uber but Here's in detail everything you need to know about Uber, including The Success behind it and how to create an app like Uber.

What is Uber Taxi?

Uber Technologies, Inc., which is commonly known as Uber, US-based multinational ride-hailing company founded in 2009 is the most successful taxi booking company in the industry and continuously setting a new milestone in the niche which offer services include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride-hailing, food delivery, etc. Uber has made its platforms accessed via both its websites and mobile apps.

Launched in San Francisco, California

Founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.

Operates in more than 785+metropolitan cities in 80+ countries

The estimated value at over $82 billion

Uber has made a track for many startups & entrepreneurs to follow their paths. Many Startups follow uber's business models to make their business successful. Before learning about building an app like Uber one needs to know about their success metrics. Here is the success behind the Uber. 

The success behind the Uber

Uber took the transportation industry by storm when it launched its revolutionary ride-sharing app in 2009. Uber is available across all platforms like Google Android, Apple iOS, and as a web app. 

Uber’s basic service is easily and cheaply replicable. Passengers pay competitive prices for the service, which is cheaper than taxis in many places.

 > The Booking process is very simple for users -- no phoning, no searching, no hailing.

 > Reduces uncertainty waiting and confusion of when and what type of taxi will arrive.

 > Simplifies the payment process and Faster transactions.

 > It makes easy to split the fare.

 > Transparency in price with an accurate fare estimate for your trip.

Uber's success has generated other similar services such as Lyft, Curb, and Sidecar, but Uber remains the most popular. 

Why to Start a Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Ease of booking taxi instead of waiting on roads through mobile applications and online websites has hugely attracted peoples to prefer online booking over offline booking, due to the increasing usage of internet across the world.




From a recent survey it has been reported that the online taxi business is in a continuous heap until 2023. Thus the taxi booking business is in continuous demand for the next coming years. So it's the right time to build an app like Uber taxi.

According to the Report of statista it is estimated that around 110 million users actively used Uber each month in 2019. Uber has been the biggest ride sharing app in the united kingdom with almost 45,000 drivers and 3.5 million passengers.

How to Build a Taxi Booking App like Uber?

Uber Taxi Clone App

We Employcoder - the leading On-Demand App Development Company provide you the Best Uber Clone Script which makes you to launch your own taxi booking app like Uber instantly. We provide customizable solutions that will grow your transportation business.

know the detailed features of our Uber Taxi Clone Script in live ? It's 100% free


How to launch a Taxi Booking App with Uber Taxi Clone App?

> Get our Uber Clone Script.

> Get customized it according to your needs with the help of our Development Team.

> Select the respective features that you want to integrate into your application to enable efficient services.

> Launch your application on both Android or iOS platforms and watch your transportation business grow.

Features of our Uber Taxi Clone Script

 > Location Live Tracking

 > Multiple Payment options

 > Ratings and Reviews

 > Multi-language Support

 > SEO Friendly

 > Ride and Booking Details

 > Automatic Fare Estimation

 > Promo codes 

 > In-App Push Notifications

 > Chat System integration

 > Schedule Booking

 > Google Map Navigation

Get Uber Taxi Clone Script to Build your own Taxi Booking App like Uber and enter in to the Billion dollor industry.

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