Transform your Tailoring Business with Custom Tailoring Software

Transform your Tailoring Business with Custom Tailoring Software

Are you a Tailoring Store? 

Struggling to generate Sales for your Business?

Today Everything is available online, It’s no secret how online shopping sites have increased the demand for readymade stylish clothing. So why should your Tailoring store leave behind? It all adds up to business growth on online to get more success in your region.

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In this blog, we have covered the detailed insights of the below topics.

 > What is Custom Tailoring Software?

 > Why Tailoring Business needs Custom Tailoring Software?

 > How does Custom Tailoring Software work?

 > Where to get custom clothing software for your Tailoring business?

When done right, you can improve your sales and revenue attract the right leads to you like magic.

What is Custom Tailoring Software?

A custom tailoring software makes easier for the development of customized apparels based on the demand of the customers. It helps customers to design, customize and personalize their own designs. With an interactive clothing tool, it makes the whole process more engaging and easier.

Making use of every function, Custom tailoring software helps your customers to design their own suits from the large collections of designs, patterns, etc 


Why Tailoring Business needs Custom Tailoring Software?

Reach Global Audience through online presence

Traditional tailoring business will have only reach with your street or city and it allows only local customers to buy products. But when your tailoring business is online, you can reach the global audience and make more sales. Custom clothing software allows your customers to design and personalize their clothes online. It allows you to serve international customers.

Offers a 360-degree preview of the products

360-degree preview of the product your custom design is one of the main factors which can delight your customers by offering the 360 views of their designs created by the customers using clothing design tool. The amazing 3D tool will allow customers to see their clothes in zoom mode.

Customers can see their designed clothes in a 360-degree rotational view which also helps your customers to make sure that each and every part of your designed and personalized clothes is looking good and fit.

Virtual Fitting Room

Virtual Fitting Room is a fitting application and sizing tool for online shopping that uses body scanning to get accurate body measurements and shows the user the look and feel of the clothing on a virtual 3D model of themselves. 

Deliver Personalized Clothes

Personalization is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. You can deliver bespoke clothes and apparels with on-demand styles, preferred fabric, and colors with the highest precision and accuracy.

Easy user Management & Admin Portal

You can manage details such as order details, Customers data, Designs, clothing pattern and measurements on a single software which makes you work more effectively and quickly. With just a click you can customize anything from your admin page.

Receive Online Payment Instantly 

Once they customize to add the clothes into the cart and make payment to you. Payment gateway will be integrated into your web platform so that you receive the payment instantly.

How does Custom Tailoring Software work?

Info graphics of How does custom tailoring software works

Where to get custom clothing software for Tailoring business?

Employcoder is the best custom Tailoring software development company in India enables you to create your own online clothing and tailoring store. 

Start an online custom tailoring store with advanced features and intuitive interface. Employcoder offers a well-designed package of Custom Tailoring Software making it easy for young entrepreneurs to help you generate more leads, fulfill new generation customers, close deals faster, and sell service, and market smarter.

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