Launch your own MLM Business with Smart Contract Based MLM Software

Launch your own MLM Business with Smart Contract Based MLM Software

Are you looking to start a Smart Contract Based MLM Platform? Cryptocurrency and MLM are the two words that are taking the world by a storm, and so there are as many business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to dive in. Cryptocurrency MLM Platform with Smart Contract can be a good source of income for business but make sure to do research first before launching a Smart Contract based MLM Platform. 

Wondering How to Start an MLM Platform With Smart Contract In 2020? Well, This guide is all you need to get started.

Some of you may be well known about MLM Business, but for the one who is starting it for the first time, we have covered everything from scratch. (i.e What is MLM? to Smart Contract-Based MLM Software). So don't miss any of these below to get a complete overview of How to Start MLM Business with Smart Contract?

What is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

Network Marketing which is popularly called MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a Referral marketing on multi-levels. MLM is broadly defined as a business strategy where members are recruited for promoting a company's products and services and then incentivized to recruit new members from their referrals indicating a possible pyramid scheme.

The MLM Business has gained a remarkable momentum over recent years because of the opportunities the business model provides for peoples to earn money. However due to some inefficiencies in the traditional MLM, such as lack of transparency, mistrust, mutability, and delayed transactions, Entrepreneurs were looking for right MLM solutions and they turned to Smart Contracts based MLM.

Smart Contract Based MLM

Smart Contract based MLM is a completely Decentralized MLM Platform built using Blockchain Smart Contracts. MLMs are preferred with Smart Contracts as it provides high security and also removes the involvement of centralized authority. Smart Contract MLM brings trust among the users which reduce the risk. The Smart Contract MLM Platform is configured with different MLM Plans that offer members who joining the MLM scheme to earn Cryptos as rewards by referring a new one to join the platform. These MLM Platforms are Mostly developed on Blockchain Networks such as Ethereum, Tron, etc which in turn allows users to earn ETH or TRX using this referral program.

Powered with blockchain technology, smart contracts are of intense interest to businesses as it provides high security and transparency. A smart contract is a computer protocol planned to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without the involvement of third parties.

When MLM Platforms are Used with Smart Contract, it automates the processes performed on the MLM platform and reduces the effort of humans and also helps to solve the issue of mistrust among the users which was a great inefficiency in Traditional MLM. Thus Smart Contract based MLM business allows gaining trust among users while enhancing transparency.

Smart Contract Based MLM on Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the Popular Blockchain Network and it is the major choice for Smart Contract Based MLM. So we use the Ethereum platform to design and develop such highly-secured and distinctive smart contract-based MLM. Ethereum smart contract MLM platform is completely decentralized which is built over Etheruem Blockchain Network. The Members who join the MLM Platform will earn rewards in ETH. The Ethereum Smart Contract MLM will be based on the MLM Plan of your Needs. Whether you need to Build your Smart Contract Based MLM Platform from Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script or from Scratch, Our Developers are well versed in it.

Smart Contract Based MLM on Tron

Tron is a blockchain-based Decentralized Platform. TRON Smart Contract MLM is nothing but a Smart Contract Based MLM built and deployed over Tron Blockchain Network. This MLM Platform Works the same as Ethereum Smart Contract but the main difference is that the members who join in the mlm plan will earn rewards in TRX Tokens. The TRON Smart Contract MLM can be built based on your MLM Plan. The Tron Smart Contract MLM will offer high transaction speed and low transaction fees for your users.

Smart Contract Based MLM On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used everywhere and MLM is no exception. Smart Contract based MLM can be built using Bitcoin Blockchain in which members can join with Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin as a Reward for referring the new one. Bitcoin Smart Contract MLM can be developed based on your preferred MLM plan.

Smart Contract MLM Plans

Smart Contract-Based MLM can be Built on various Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin with Various MLM plans that allow members to earn rewards based on the plans your MLM Platform is configured with.

1. Binary Plan
2. Unilevel Plan
3. Matrix Plan
4. Hybrid Plan
5. Gift Plan
6. Monoline Plan
7. Spill Over Binary Plan

and More


Advantages of Using Smart Contracts in MLM 

1. Autonomy
2. Decentralization
3. Auto sufficiency

Blockchain-based MLM software with a smart contract enables quick transactions between MLM platform users. The smart contract automatically processes and calculates coins earned by platform users and transfers them to users’ wallets with minimum latency.

Key Benefits of MLM Platform with Smart Contract


Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology which allows every user on the network to access which shows high transparency on the process. This is why smart contract-based MLM software is gaining attraction among MLM users and Businesses.


The use of Smart contracts in MLM Platform enables absolute trust in their process execution. The autonomous, transparent, and secure nature of the smart contract removes any possibility of manipulation, bias, or error.


Smart Contract-Based MLM Platform offers better traceability of funds which is the ability to identify, track, and trace every transaction performed on the Smart Contract based MLM platform.

Eliminate the risk of fraud

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software completely removes the involvement of middleman so chances of fraud risk is eliminated and gives greater transparency of business transactions.


One of the main features of the blockchain network is security and its powered technology smart contract offers the same. So the transactions being made on smart contract-based MLM are secured with the highest level security.

The main Advantages of the Cryptocurrency MLM Platform with Smart Contract are the security and the transparency of transactions being made on the MLM platform. some of the other benefits are

Benefits of Smart Contract Based MLM Platform

> Faster and Easier payment Transactions
No Additional Fees Involved.
Enabled peer to peer Transactions 
Ethereum Blockchain - completely decentralized
No Middle Man involvement
Eliminates Risk of Fraud activities
High Data Security
Automated Transactions
Track Revenue
Secured transactions
Allows international transaction


How to Start an MLM platform with Smart Contract?

To Build and Launch a cryptocurrency MLM Platform with Smart Contract one should come up with a proper plan of requirements and execution to attain success. Developing an MLM platform is not an easy process. But when one goes with proper planning then you can right on your business target and can generate great revenue. Building an MLM Platform from scratch will take a lot of time and development costs.

Instead, you can think of a smart way that can help you launch your Cryptocurrency MLM Platform Instantly in a cost-effective way. i.e Making Use of MLM Scripts. Ready-Made Smart Contract MLM Script will save you time and also be a cost-effective solution. Buying a Ready-made Smart Contract MLM Script and get customized based on your requirements is a good option to start an MLM platform

Smart Contract MLM Script

Smart Contract MLM Script is a Fully Designed and Developed MLM Website Script which is configured with the features of an MLM Website with Smart Contracts. It can be customized for adding MLM Plans such as Binary Plan, Unilevel Plan, Matrix Plan, Hybrid Plan of your choice. This allows members to earn Cryptos as rewards based on the MLM plans you have integrated on your Website.  Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script enables one to Build a Smart Contract MLM Platform on Ethereum Network and The users will earn ETH or Etheruem Tokens as rewards. On the Other hand, Tron Smart Contract MLM Script allows one to build an MLM Platform on Tron Network in which the users will earn TRX or Tron Tokens as a reward when they complete their desired level or Plan.  Hybrid  Smart Contract MLM Platform is one in which a smart contract is written or build on both Ethereum and TRON network that enables users to earn both Ethereum and Tron Tokens as rewards.

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Where to Get the Best Smart Contract MLM Script?

I hope, now you are clear about on How to Start an MLM Platform With Ethereum Smart Contract In 2020. Right?  Then this will be the query that rolls up in your mind."Where to get the best Smart Contract MLM Script?". No worries.  You are straight on the right path.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development 

We Employcoder leading Blockchain Development Company that has a strong team of Blockchain Developers who have vast experience in providing Cryptocurrency MLM software development services using robust and reliable technologies to bring your idea into an application.

We also provide ready-made Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts to Start your own Smart Contract based MLM instantly like popular Smart Contract based MLM Platforms.

Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts

> Forsage Clone Script

> Million Money Clone Script

> Etrix Clone Script

> Doubleway Clone Script and More

Get an Exclusive Free Demo of Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts Now !!

Our white-label Smart Contract MLM Script built on Ethereum blockchain which is completely decentralized helps you to launch your own Cryptocurrency MLM Platform with Ethereum Smart Contract that provides better transparency, efficiency, and security.

Hire Our Developers to Build Smart Contract based MLM Platform

Hire Blockchain Developers from us and build your own cryptocurrency MLM Platform with Smart Contract. Our Blockchain Developers provide quick deployment of crypto development projects and reliable 24/7 support.  When you Hire Developers from us, you get a dedicated team of professionals who are specialized in a wide array of blockchain technologies that suits your MLM Platform requirements. We provide the flexibility of choosing the best hiring models that meet the business requirements of all our clients.

Features of Our Cryptocurrency MLM Software 

Powerful Admin Dashboard
Member/Agent Management
Transaction Management
Completely Autonomous
Multi-currency wallet
Secure and instant transactions
API Integration
Easy Payment processing
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
Transparent investment process
Notification & SMS Alert
Automated Marketing Process

We provide the best Cryptocurrency MLM Software development with enhanced features at down to earth cost and on-time delivery.

Contact us to launch your own Smart Contract based MLM

Platform Now!

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