Reasons to Choose Python in 2020

Reasons to Choose Python in 2020

Python is one of the most prominent and rapidly growing programming languages around the globe now. As the python has a manifold domain of applications, career opportunities on python are expanding day by day all over the world, making it the next big thing for the businesses. 

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Python has reached an all time high in TIOBE index of 8.5%. If Python keep this pace, it will probably replace C and Java, thus becoming the most popular programming language of the world.

TIOBE index

What is Python?

Python was introduced in the year 1991 by Guido Van Rossum, a Dutch Programmer. Python is an interpreted, modern and high-level general purpose programming language. Python has varieties of functionality such as multiprogramming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. 


The important feature that makes python different from other programming languages is its huge collection of standard libraries. It comes up with a  powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit.

Python Latest Version

Python have released the preview of their python 3.8 that is python 3.8.0 beta 1. How ever Python 3.8 is still in development. python 3.8.0b1 is the first of four planned beta release previews. But developers can see the preview of major new features of Python 3.8 compared to python 3.7.


Reasons why should you Choose Python

Free and Open Source

Python is completely free and open source programming language. You can easily download the language and work on it freely on any environment. It also allows developers to contribute directly to the Python language development by documenting problems, suggesting new features, and even developing new functionality by themselves.

Ease of Learning 

Python is great for beginners as it is very easy to code as it has a number of open source libraries, modules, and frameworks, which making python coding more easier. It also supports standard formats and protocols such as MIME and HTTP. It has simple and easy syntaxes and rules unlike another programming like java and c++.

Cross-Platform Support

Python is a cross-platform language that runs equally on any platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Python can be a great benefit for any software development scenarios like handling cloud infrastructure, Complex web application development, managing SQL database, gaming applications, graphical applications and many more.


Python developer can easily understand the code as Python is very easy to read which allows making changes more quick and easy sharing. Thus, there is no space for confusions, errors or conflicting paradigms, and this leads to more a efficient exchange of algorithms, ideas, and tools.

Cost Effective and Saves Time

As Python commonly includes less code, it takes lesser time to complete a project which also reduces the development cost. The main benefit of writing in Python is that it requires only a little effort compared to other programming languages. Since Python does not require a lot of written code, it allows python developers to work quickly. Hence a small team can handle Python applications effectively.

Extensive Libraries Support

Python provides large Python standard libraries that include database functionality, operating system interfaces,web service tools, website interfacing, email and networking tools, data compression support, cryptography, xml support, unit testing, multi threading, and much more. This makes development easy for developers. 


Python's popularity is being driven by strong growth in software development plus the language's usability, compared with Java and C. According to the PYPL( PopularitY of Programming Language Index), python is the popular programming language in 2019.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science

Data science and machine learning are other main aspects that python programming language has always looked forward to. As per the report of IEEE, Python is the most preferred programming language for Data Science.

Machine Learning

Python also contain special libraries for machine learning namely scipy and numpy which is great for linear algebra and easy to understand kernel methods of machine learning. The language is great fit to use when working with machine learning algorithms and has easy syntax relatively.

In conclusion, Python is powerfully simplistic and productive language for developers while simultaneously being a cost-efficient tool for businesses.


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