Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Build Web Applications.

Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Build Web Applications.

Node.js is increasingly becoming a go-to technology for many organizations across the world. Modern tools and easier way of developing complex applications makes Node.js stand out from the other programming languages. 

Let’s have a brief look at Node.js, a server-side framework that continues to gain popularity. 

What is Node.js

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform javascript run time environment built on Chrome's V8 javascript engine that is loved by most of the web developers to create real-time web applications. Nodejs development has the efficiency to increase the return on investment for many software development teams.

A development model that uses an event-driven, nonblocking I/O model which makes it more efficient and lightweight. The reason behind the popularity of Node.js is that the developers can utilize javascript for both front end and back end. 

Notable Uses of Node.js by Big Brands

LinkedIn: On the Server side, LinkedIn’s entire mobile Software Stack is completely built in Node.js.

Walmart: Walmart restructured its mobile app to be powered by Node.js to offer a rich and dynamic experience for users.

eBay: eBay launched - a node.js based declarative, data-retrieval and aggregation gateway for quickly consuming HTTP APIs

Know How eBay uses Node.js for

Netflix: Shifting its user interfaces to Node.js, Netflix has been able to streamline the development, cut the build times, and increase the level of customization of its UIs for each user.

PayPal: PayPal began using NodeJS as a prototyping platform and when it proved extremely proficient and they used out in production. 

Know How Netflix and PayPal uses Node.js

Reasons to Choose Node.js 

Effective Single Code Base

Node.js is built on javascript to unify front end and server side architecture. It is justifying its benefit as a game-changing technology as developers are able to write JavaScript coding on both server-side and client-side. 

Organizing data between the server and the client side is automatic and becomes a lot easier with the help of Node.js. As the developers can write Javascript not only for the server but also for the client-facing part of the app makes the development process lot easier. An example of this is Meteor.js, which was built over Node.js. 

Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a default package manager for node.js which manages all the packages and modules. NPM contains a set of reusable components with version and dependency management. With the help of inbuilt NPM developers can update, share or reuse codes to create effective solutions. 

Advantage for Developers

Developers are happy to work as they need to understand the one language that is Javascript. Because most of the frontend developers who write JavaScript for the browser are now able to write the server-side code in addition to the client-side code without the need of learning a completely different language for the server side.

Single Threaded and Scalability

Node.js is a single threaded language with event looping which uses multiple threads to execute asynchronous code. Event mechanism helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way that every function are delegated to the event loop and executed by different threads which makes the server highly scalable as opposed to traditional servers like Apache which create limited threads to handle requests.

Real-Time Development

Every organization wants to look at the user’s information in the up-to-date manner possible because knowing what the user is searching for in real-time can help them improve visitors to stay longer. That’s why web development teams are relying on Node.js to accomplish this task.If you are planning to gather many users’ real-time experience, for example, if you’re building something like a game or a chat app, Node.js is far more simple to use than the viable alternatives.


To sum it up, Node.js is great for building applications with heavy client-side rendering, multiple concurrent requests, and frequent shuffling of data from a client to a server. Whenever you think about building heavy I/O and data-driven applications, Node.js should definitely be the first option on your list. 

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