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OTT App Development

We Employcoder leading OTT App Development Company offers End-to-End OTT Development Solutions as per your business requirements. We take care of everything from OTT Platform Development to Design to migration, testing, and support, we take care of it all!

Are you the one who is looking to build OTT App and enter into this quickly-growing technology on the online video industry. This Ultimate Guide will help you to know in detail about OTT apps and how you can launch your own OTT apps to take your video streaming business into 2020 and get success.

What are OTT Video Apps?

An over-the-top (OTT) App is a Video streaming App service that offers Video content directly to customers via the Internet straight on their devices such as Mobile Devices, Personal Computers, Smart TVs, Digital Media Players. Some of the Popular OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, etc replace traditional platforms, such as Broadcast, Cable, and S television, to provide content via the internet. 


OTT Apps Market Share and Growth: How OTT Apps can grow your Business?

> OTT technology has huge potential. Video streaming services have been on the rise globally through recent years, with America representing the most markets at an adoption rate of around 51%

> Europe and Asia-Pacific are also seeing impressive growth as Video Streaming Services like Netflix expand Globally.

> The Global OTT (Over the Top) Services Market size is expected to reach $179.9 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 14.3% CAGR.

> One of the Popular Video Streaming Service Provider Netflix has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. 

> In the US it is estimated that A single OTT user spend around 17.5 hours every week in 2019.

> From Research, it is stated that around 55% of the respondents prefer to watch videos such as TV shows/movies/sports /movies on OTT platforms.


Different Types of OTT Services available in the Market

1. OTT Video or Video On Demand
2. OTT Audio
3. OTT Messaging
4. OTT Voice Calling or VOIP

Among this Video On Demand remains the POpular OTT Content.

OTT Apps Monetization Model for Your VOD Business

Video on Demand(VOD) allows users to access and watch videos from a large online video Library where ever and whenever they want. VOD services allow customers to access the video from any device they wish to via Internet.

SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand 

SVOD know as Subscription Video on Demand which is also referred to as Subscription VOD. It is a Video On Demand Service that provides Viewers to access the complete library of Video Content for a small fee. The Subscription fee may be charged daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on the wish of the users.

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are some of the Popular OTT Platforms that offer Subscription Video On Demand.

TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand

TVOD stands for Transactional video on demand is a Video On Demand Service that allows users to view content on a Pay-per-view basis It is entirely opposite of Subscription Video on Demand. In SVOD user gets a subscription for an entire library, In Transactional VOD users are charged per video or Video Package.

Apple’s iTunes, Amazon’s video store, and Sky Box Office  are some of the Examples providing Transactional Video on Demand

AVOD: Advertising based Video-on-demand

AVOD refers to Ad based Video on Demand. In this model video content is provided for free to end customers. One of the Known popular examples of this model is Youtube, Where users are not charged for viewing any video on the platforms. Simply they can sign in using their accounts and view the Content. But Youtube makes money through Advertisements. Advertisements are seen on the Videos provided to the users.

YouTube,4OD, and DailyMotion are the Examples of Ad based Video On Demand

Features of OTT Video App Development

Multilingual Content

Multi-language content is an inexpensive and great way to manage content in different languages. It allows OTT Service providers to attract a diverse set of customers who speak different languages from Different geographic locations. One of the Great examples of providing this feature is Netflix which produces Multilingual content that bags them millions of customers worldwide

Search Bar

Every OTT Streaming Platform should have a Search option in it. It should be easily viewed and accessible to the viewers of all age groups. In the search option add various genre options in the drop-down box for ease of navigation through multiple contents.

User profile

All Streaming Platforms have a User profile option that allows users to create a profile for them where they can manage their entire details such as Name, Age, Gender and Payment options, Watch history, etc. Users can also add their preferred videos by adding inputs about their preferred genres,  directors, actors, shows, movies, etc.


OTT Apps rolls out with a My Watchlist feature which lets users build a menu of things they want to watch later. Users can save videos they wish to watch later to their List, which will shows on the homepage across whatever devices you use to watch. With this feature, the user will be able to create a personal watchlist for each account profile.

Push Notifications

With the help of this feature, the users will receive a push notification regarding their subscriptions such as when user subscriptions get over, renewed. They also get notifications whenever new content is added to the App.

Social Features

Social features allow users to share their liked videos with their friends through Social Media sharing buttons.

Multiple Device Support

OTT application should be responsive to every device so that it is automatically supported by multiple devices like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows Phones, Smart TVs, etc. This is an important feature every OTT Application should possess.



Top Popular OTT Platforms 

> Netflix 
> Amazon's Prime Video
> Hotstar
> Jio Cinema
> Viu
> BigFlix 
> Hulu
> SonyLIV 
> Vudu
> Voot 
> Zee5 
> ALTBalaji
> ErosNow

How to Launch your Own OTT Apps like Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime?

I hope, now you are clear about the benefits of Building and Launching an OTT Video App. Then this will be the exact query that rolls up in your mind."Where to get the best OTT Video Streaming App?". No worries.  You are on the right path.

OTT App Development Company - Employcoder

We Employcoder are the leading OTT Video App Development Company that delivers scalable and Feature Rich live video streaming apps. Our developers are good at developing scalable OTT Apps with attractive functionalities. We provide the best OTT Video Streaming App development with enhanced features at down to earth cost and on-time delivery.

In this fasting moving digital world, people prefer the internet and OTT Platforms for Watching Movies, TV Shows, etc. Thus Launching a Video Streaming App business will pay you greater Revenue with lesser Investment.

Build a video streaming app like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime? Get in Touch with Us.

Disclaimer: We Employcoder never represents & doesn't have any control over the trademarks of ‘Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube’. We only use these terms for a better understanding of our offerings. Our services designate no harm to any individuals or organization.

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