How offshore software development is helping organizations optimize business outcomes.

How offshore software development is helping organizations optimize business outcomes.

The offshore software development is the one from which Startups to large enterprises are benefiting from. Where once offshore software development was seen only as a move by organizations to drive down operating costs, it is now seen as an investment to improve the quality of operations and accelerate speed to the market with scalable and flexible services.

If you are a startup or Enterprise doing it for the first time. Here is a brief description of what is Offshore Software Development? What are the different Offshore Software Development Models? Which model will suit your business objectives? 

Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development is a practice of hiring an external company or team outside of the customer’s country or continent for their software development needs. Some of the leading locations in offshore software development are India, China as well as some of the Eastern European countries.


Offshore Software Development Models

Dedicated Development Team 

The Dedicated development team model is where a client and the software development company have a contract on a project with specific requirements for its development process. Outsourcing provider allocates a team of professionals with specific experience and skills that meets the client’s project requirements. The allocated team can be managed by the client itself or by the project manager from the service provider based on clients need.

It is also done when the company needs to enlarge its team by the team of remote developers who will work alongside the in-house team. The purpose of a dedicated development team model is to seamlessly meet the requirements of the clients’ project. 

Offshore Development Center

An offshore development center is a remote counterpart with a deep talent pool and lower cost of living and offering software development services for the company located in another part of the world, where keeping a team in-house would cost much more.

An ODC will include all kinds of specialists besides developers and testers, so they also offer project managers, designers, UX/UI specialists, and others for your team to be hired.

Nowadays where costs are always rising, startup companies, as well as large enterprises, are looking to reduce their software development cost. The main benefit for setting up an ODC is to have a seamless extension of your company’s IT department at a remote location to get results at a lower cost.

Project Based Model

If your projects require more developers in addition to your in-house team to handle a specific project than this model can be highly beneficial in which you can hire developers to complete the specific task based on a fixed price contract. You are paying only for the tasks that have done by the developer.

Choosing the Model for Your Business Objective 

Everyone can find a model which is suitable based on their business needs. No matter, if the startup or large enterprise is based on a budget available, or clients’ needs, or his skills and knowledge – there is different models for each case. Moreover, these models can be easily combined for those who know how to arrange business from top to bottom.

Where to Find the Right Offshore Software Development Partner?

No matter if you’re looking only for one specific expert to support your in-house team for a specific project or dedicated development team to develop your software product from scratch or want to set up an Offshore Development Center, Employcoder can provide you with everything you need.


Employcoder have a large pool of talented developers who can adapt to all latest technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality etc and have well-experienced in handling various business projects. We offer you an excellent hiring model at a reasonable price. You can Setup your offshore development center here and save up to 50% of your development cost.

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