Launch your Own Video Streaming App - Netflix Clone

Launch your Own Video Streaming App - Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone Script is a powerful and feature-rich Video On Demand Platform Script that assists you to develop and launch your own Video Streaming App and platform as similar to Netflix. We Employcoder provide you the best and complete Netflix Clone Script package which possesses both Netflix Clone Website and as well as Netflix clone App for Android and iPhone.

If you are looking to start your own Video Streaming Services like Netflix, Then Netflix Clone Script helps you to launch it in a few days.

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Why Netflix Clone?

Online Video streaming services like Netflix are becoming very popular nowadays. In recent years Netflix services have been attracting viewers from all over the world. The Popularity of Netflix is that it provides access to thousands of programs and movies and can watch anywhere, anytime.

Netflix, Inc. founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph is an American Video Streaming service provider and production company which has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California.

> Netflix is the most-used video streaming service with 182 million subscribers at the end of quarter 1 of 2020.

> It is Estimated that More than 40% that is around 67 million Netflix subscribers are based in the US and Canada.

> Around 47% of American people prefer to Watch Netflix over other video streaming services.

> It is expected that Netflix's 2020 revenue in the US is $7.2 billion.


Significant Features of Netflix Clone Script

User Registration 

Here the user can complete their registration through Email or Social Networks which makes the registration process very convenient for the potential users. 

Payment Gateway

Our Netflix Clone comes with multiple payment options such as Online Payment through credit cards or Paypal with our integrated payment system that allows viewers to make their payments for the products.

User profile

Here users can create a profile for them where they can manage their entire details such as Name, Age, Gender and Payment options, Watch history, etc add their favorite movies or Videos. 

Content search

Here users can make their Selection based on genres,  directors, actors, shows, movies, user reviews, etc. 

Push Notifications

With this option, the Viewers will get notified whenever new TV Series, Shows, or other Videos are released. They also receive a push notification regarding subscriptions such as when user subscriptions get over or want to be renewed. 


Here the user can make a selection from various options such as audio track, play/pause, subtitles on/off,  rewind, volume control, etc.

Multiple language support

Our Netflix Clone will support more languages so that you can have more users. Multi-language content is an inexpensive and great way to manage content in different languages. It allows your business to attract a diverse set of customers who speak different languages from Different geographic locations.

Admin panel or Admin Dashboard

You as an admin will have complete control over the entire platform. Admin will have access to all content to manage videos available on the platform and user accounts as well, Approve Users, edit videos, block users if necessary, and more.

Additional Features of Netflix Clone Script

Social Features

Social features allow users to share their liked videos with their friends through Social Media sharing buttons.

Reviews and ratings

Here the users can provide ratings to a program, Series, or movie based on their wish.

Live streaming video

This feature allows live broadcasting of specific TV programs, shows, sports events, etc.

Download feature

Users can save their preferred content on their smartphones/tablets/TV/PC with this feature so that they can watch it later even when the user is not connected to the internet.


There are some restrictions in different countries of the world so that your content can be forbidden in some regions. 
But With this feature, the content in your app can be made available in as many countries.

Video quality

According to User requirements and Internet Connectivity, A user can choose the quality rate of the video such as Auto, Low, Medium, and High so that they can control their data usage. 

Netflix Clone App Development- Web & Mobile App

In today's world, everybody knows that the majority of users spend more time on their mobile devices rather than watching on TV or PCs. So if you are building a Website like Netflix, you should also create Mobile App for your Video Streaming Platform. 

Our Netflix Clone Scripts comes with both Netflix Clone Website and Netflix Clone App which are very efficient which satisfies every business's needs of the entrepreneurs or owners, and the code we used is licensed completely. We provide Readymade app solutions that help in faster development and also cut down the costs. Our Netflix Clone Script enables you to launch your Netflix Clone App will all top features in a short period of time. Our Netflix Clone App is compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.


Where to Get the Best Netflix Clone?

I hope, now you are clear about How to start a Video Streaming business like Netflix. Right?  Then this will be the query that rolls up in your mind."Where to get the best Netflix clone script?". No worries.  You are straight on the right path.

We, Employcoder - Netflix Clone Development Company provides the powerful Netflix clone script with all advanced features and plugins. Our App developers are good at developing both readymade and customizable Netflix clone script with attractive features and functionalities. You can purchase our complete Netflix clone package which consists of Netflix clone script to launch your own Video Streaming Platform like Netflix and Netflix Clone App for Android and iOS which gives users a more personalized experience and more convenient. We provide the best Netflix Clone development with enhanced features at down to earth cost and on-time delivery.

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Our Netflix Clone Development Packages include

1. Netflix Clone App for iOS and Android.
2. Netflix Clone Website
3. Powerful Admin Dashboard
4. 100% Customizable
5. Multiple Payement options

Our Netflix Clone Script Features 

1. Authenticated Login
2. Advanced Search and Filter Option
3. Multi-language Support
4. Multi Device Support
5. Watchlist
6. Payment Gateway
7. Push Notification
8. Video Management
9. Reviews and Ratings.
10. Social Media Sharing
11. Subscription Plans

We Employcoder offer you Complete white-label solutions to start your own venture like Netflix. Get Netflix Clone Script and Launch your own Video Streaming App Now for all Platforms such as Android, iOS, web, TV, etc

Get Netflix Clone Script to Start Your own Video On Demand Platform & Video Streaming App!
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Disclaimer: We Employcoder never represents & doesn't have any control over the trademarks of ‘Netflix’. We only use these terms for a better understanding of our offerings. Our services designate no harm to any individuals or organization.

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