Manual Testing Services across industry verticals. We employ proprietary methodologies, structured processes and best practices in rationalizing the testing spend and finding defects early in the life cycle.

Manual Testing Services

We are providing following Manual Testing services


Acceptance testing

Level of software testing where a system is tested for acceptability. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the system's compliance with the business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable for delivery.


Integrated Testing

Level of software testing where individual units are combined and tested as a group. The purpose of this level of testing is to expose faults in the interaction between integrated units.


Black box testing

Method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings. This method of test can be applied virtually to every level of software testing


White box testing

Method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an application, as opposed to its functionality (i.e. black-box testing). In white-box testing an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming skills, are used to design test cases.


Unit testing

level of software testing where individual units/ components of a software are tested. The purpose is to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed.


System testing

Level of software testing where a complete and integrated software is tested. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the system's compliance with the specified requirements


Why Manual Functional testing?

Manual functional testing services check the unseen, adhoc errors specific to the application.


Fool proofs the functional behaviour of an application


Checks the security, scalability and usability aspects


Verifies the database performance


Fully functional, technically sound web solution


Goes beyond the routine debugging methods


Boosts product enhancement

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