We help companies bring this strategy to life with the market’s hottest cross-platform development technology React Native, as well as time-tested Ionic and PhoneGap.

Build applications to work on multiplatform

We offer the best cross-platform app service with the leverage of having in-house team of world-class app developers with expertise in developing cross-platform apps for various industries.

Why choose Cross-Platform App?

Well, there are many who believe in getting a cross-platform app developed for their business. The reason behind getting a cross-platform app developed is that it can be used on all the platforms, whether it be a Android device or iOS. It is developed by using a single scripting which includes CSS, HTML, and JAVA.

  • 1. The codes used for developing are reusable
  • 2. It is cost-effective as it runs on single codebase
  • 3. It is potentially faster as it is developed using one codebase

Cross Platform Apps We Build

We cater to an assorted range of mobile development services.


Chat Apps

Multimedia Apps


News Apps


Gaming Apps


Geo-Location Apps


On Demand Apps


Utility Apps


IOT Apps


Ride Apps

Our Cross-platform Service Offerings

We are pioneer in delivering the best-in-class cross-platform app development services.

React Native Development

We are fully specialized in delivering the best React native development services to different clients’ as per their business requirements. Our developers are well aware of all the current market trends and expertise in developing cross-platform apps using React Platform. With the use of React Native, our development team composes rich mobile apps for both platform i.e. Android and iOS using same JavaScript Codebase. React Native offer development tools for debugging the app and packaging which ultimately saves time in the app development process..


Ionic Development

We are having huge experience in dealing with different cross-platform Ionic development projects. Our developers are very much talented and have all the know-how of Ionic platform. With the Ionic Framework, you can get a highly functional user interface for your cross-platform apps. Ionic has the ability to deliver the best features and properties in the cross-platform app development process. Our app development team is well-trained to deliver the top class cross-platform apps with the Ionic platform.

Cordova/ PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap and Cordova are both platforms for building cross-platform applications and their names are mostly used interchangeably. Cordova is an open source platform and PhoneGap is Adobe’s distribution of Cordova. Any JavaScript framework that works with Cordova works well with PhoneGap.Cordova acts as an application container which allows a mobile application to run as natively-installed apps in different operating systems. The mobile. application itself is written using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Web View is the UI layer of Cordova, where the compiled code is rendered. The web view is implemented differently for different devices. Plugins compensate for the absence of native functionalities..


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