Dream11 Clone App - Start your own Fantasy Sports App

Dream11 Clone App - Start your own Fantasy Sports App

Dream11 Clone App

Thought of developing a Fantasy sports App like Dream 11 ,We Employcoder - Dream11 Clone App Development Company come up with a complete guide on developing an App like Dream 11.

Dream11 clone script is a Ready-Made Fantasy Sports App script that can help you to build and start your own Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 and generate High revenue within a short span of time. Dream11 Clone Script is 100% customizable Script with all the Top features of the Fantasy Sports App covering the main business needs and additional features, Plugins can be customized based on your business requirements. 

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Fantasy Sports industry continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down around the global market. Millions of users are playing it already and the number is rising rapidly. Fantasy Sports App are all about entertainment and revenue for both the users and the owners.

The Booming popularity has made the fantasy sports a billion dollar industry globally. India is one among rapidly catching up with western countries. 

Dream 11 is India’s Biggest Sports Gaming platform with 20 Million fantasy sports users playing fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball which almost holds 90% of the market share.

 If you wish to become part of this fastest-growing business world of fantasy sports and launch your own Dream11like platform, Here are few things you should know before launching the next Dream 11 in your own country.


What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is a game where users can create their own imaginary teams using real players from different teams scheduled to play in a league or a match. Their winning will be based on the real performance of the players in their fantasy team.

Fantasy Sports Growth In Global Market

The global fantasy sports market size will grow by USD 7.62 billion during 2018-2022. Currently there are over 200+ operators with 59.3 million users of which 21% are US population. According to (IFSG) and AC Nielsen’s report it is projected that the fantasy sports user count, which currently stands at 50 million users will double by 2020 to cross the 100 million user mark which 30% of online users are from India.

Fantasy Sports User Count

Normally a user spends 42 minutes a day on Fantasy Sports App. Today, the number of operators in India stands at more than 60 with almost one new company launching every week. India fast becoming the arena of fantasy sports operators.

Why to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Dream 11 is the biggest and successful player among the fantasy sports app in India. With a growing base of 20 million+users, Dream11 is one of the most popular and successful platforms in India. Dream 11 has an enormous growth of 20 million+ users in 2019 from 2 million users in 2016.

Here is the Annual Turnover Report of Dream 11

Dream 11 Annual Revenue

How to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Before going to build a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 you should know the entire working process of the Dream 11 App

How Dream11 Clone App Works?

Here let us see what is the business model of Dream 11 and How it works

 > Users can signup for free. Users can enter Dream 11 referral code during the signup process that is received from other users and earn a certain signup bonus. At the same time the referrer also gets paid certain bonus amount for referring Dream 11.

 > Now the user has to select his/her own fantasy team of their choice with certain rules of how many players you can select from each team.

 > A user gets a certain credits (100 credits) while creating a new team and can spent that credits by including player of their choice. Each player costs certain credits and the user has to maintain within the given credits to select a whole team. 

 > Once the user finalized the dream team then the user has to Select an upcoming match of their choice from the list of matches and join the contest by paying a certain entry fee.

 > Every contest has a certain winning amount and a limitation on how many teams can join. 

 > Based on contest and number of teams joined platform decides on total how many teams will become the winner and what winning amounts will be distributed based on their rank positions.

 > Based on the performance of your team during the actual match, you accumulate points and get a rank at the end of the game. Based on the rank in a contest you get winnings after being charged a service fee.

Features and Functionality of a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11 Clone Script

A Successful Fantasy Sports app should contain two panels for both the users and Admin.

 > User Panel 
 > Admin Panel

User Panel Features

Login/ Register : User can register through the social media profiles or through their Email Id. User can also register through the referral code.

Select the Sports : After completing the user profile , user will land on this page where all the sports are listed like cricket, football, NBA, hockey and others. User can select their sports and can select the matches listed.

Create Team : Here the users can create their fantasy team based on the sports they have selected.

Join Contest or Create Own Contest : Here the user can select and join from the contests using the entry fee  listed or can create their own contest by entering how many teams can participate and the entry fee.

Invite and Earn : Here the User will provide with a referral code where they can share their referral code to their friends and can earn the bonus amount

Wallet and Payment Options : This is the Virtual Wallet for the user inside the App. From here the user can either withdraw to their bank accounts or add money through Debit or Credit Card, net banking with ease

User Profile : User can manage their profile details here such as Name, Age, Gender, Bank Accounts, and also shows how many matches the user has joined and won.

Here is an Example of How Dream 11 User Panel will look like

User Panel

Source : letsnurture

Admin Panel Features

Admin Login : This allows the admin to login to their dashboard through their ID and Password

User Management : This allows the total control of user accounts and manage them like Add, Edit, Remove or Deactivate the user accounts.

Game Category Management : From here the Admin can manage the entire game categories.

Matches and Contest Management : Here the Admin has the total control of contests and matches so that the admin can add, edit or remove the contests

Reports Management : Admin will be able to get reports such as Contest reports, Contestant reports, Match report, Earning Report, Player Ranking reports with the use of this.

Offer Bonus : Based the performance of the user the admin can reward bonus to the users.

Payment Management : Admin can manage the total earnings and the money should sent to the each contestant based up on their with draw request.

In Conclusion

The Fantasy Sports App like Dream11’s success is attracting more peoples to start an app like it and enter the billion dollar industry. The fantasy sports Industry market is expected to reach $5 billion with in the next two years in India.

Dream 11 Clone App Development - Employcoder

Employcoder offers fantasy sports app like Dream 11 clone with highly customized features covering various sports like cricket, football, NBA, hockey and others. 

We, Employcoder leading On-Demand App Development Company provides the powerful Dream11 clone script with all advanced features and plugins. Our App developers are good at developing both readymade and customizable Dream11 Clone App with attractive functionalities. We provide the best Fantasy Sports App development with enhanced features at down to earth cost and on-time delivery.

Our Dream11 Clone script is very efficient which satisfies every business's needs of the entrepreneurs or owners, and the code we used is licensed completely. We provide Readymade Dream11 Clone app solutions which help in faster Fantasy Sports app development and also cut down the costs of your Dream11 Clone App Development. Our Dream11 Clone Script enables you to launch your Dream11 Clone App will all top features in a short period of time. Our Dream11 Clone is compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.

Our Dream11 Clone App Development Packages include

1. Mobile App for Android & iOS
2. Web App
3. Powerful Admin Dashboard
4. 100% Customizable
5. Multiple Payement options

Its time to make an entry in the billion-dollar fantasy gaming industry with our Dream 11 Clone App.

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