How to Build a Food Delivery App?

How to Build a Food Delivery App?

Food Delivery App Development

Mobile Apps are rapidly changing every industry and Food Delivery App & Food Ordering App are also changing food Industry. Every people nowadays want everything in a single tap on their mobile phones. Thus what the On-Demand Apps are used for. Delivering everything to the user whenever and where ever they want. With the help of Food Delivery Apps a wide range of restaurants, cuisines are delivering food on a single tap and making life easier for the People.

In this blog, we will be discussing how to develop a Food Delivery App. So don't miss any of these steps when developing a Food Delivery App.


Food Delivery Apps that are popular today

Here are the top food delivering apps with rich features that made them more popular than their competitors. Functionalities is the main thing that makes your project become a success in the market. Here is the list of features that every food delivery app company should have in their requirements list when planning to build a Food Delivery App.

Build an App like UBER Eats

With the use of Top - Level technology Uber Eats App has made ordering and delivering of food made easy for customers. It is developed for both Android and iOS platforms. With the app, you don't need to wait in your doorstep for the order. It allows live tracking of your order in real-time. Uber Eat is made all inside its app and has cashless transactions. It will let you pay online through the app. It also has a feature of Scheduled Delivery. It is known for the best user experience to the customers.

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Build an App like Grubhub

Grubhub is an online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace that connects diners with local takeout restaurants. GrubHub provides great features such as good search possibilities with numerous gives the feature of searching for your desired cuisine or browse through the list of local restaurants that are nearby. You can create your own favorite list to personalize it and not having to search and find every time. It has an additional feature of user reviews as well.

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How to Build a Food Delivery App & Food Ordering App?

Researching the market and Finding the Right Audience 

Researching the market for what is demanding in your region is very crucial for any on-demand service business. It is very important to confirm that you are solving the customer's demand. The purpose of your app should full fill the customer needs and reach the targeted audience.

Must-Have Features of a Food Delivery Application

From the above popular Food Delivery apps, we have made a list of must-have features in your Food Delivery Application. If you are planning to build a Food Delivery App you should not miss any of these features in your app. You should cover all the functionalities from the point of customers, restaurants, and couriers. Here we have mentioned the functionalities on each side system.

Customers side system

The main thing for the Food Delivery App is the client's side of an application where the customer interacts with the restaurants. 
This part should be made with a lot of effort. It requires a great user interface and Experience, nice design and convenient controls. This part is where the user carries out their entire process from searching for the Restaurant, ordering the food, live tracking, payment transactions, and checkout. So one who wants to build a food delivery app should contain these features.


Every User journey in the Food ordering and Delivery App begins right at the sign-up. So, make it easier for the users to sign up within seconds. if you are making them the sign up process difficult for the users and took a long time then there is more probable that they are not going to visit your app again. Allowing them to log in quickly with social media logins will faster up their process.

Finding the Restaurant

After the signup process, the user is definitely going to search the hotels or restaurants near them. So you may suggest to them the nearby hotels right after they sign up into the app using GPS.  It should contain detailed information about Restaurant names, food lists, prices. You should also allow them to search for a restaurant by entering the names in the search column.

Order Placing

Now after choosing the restaurant, the next thing the user does is placing the order. So this part should have functionalities such as add, edit and remove the food items. Provide your user with the option of adding dishes to their cart and can remove if they want. Now the user will place an order of their wanted food items.

Providing Various Payment Options

According to the reports it is said that 80% of the users are more likely to use the app with in-app payment and also cash options. So making all the payment options that the user uses with concerning security, support and also faster the transactions. you can also add coupons and cashback system when calculating the final cost of the items so that the users are more likely to visit your app

Real-Time Order Tracking.

People hate waiting. So instead of making your users wait you can provide the option of live tracking where they can know the exact process taking place when they place an order. Providing users with information such as order approved, cooking, picked, delivering and completed. So that it creates trust among the customers.

Restaurant's Side System

This system is for the use of restaurants to get all the needed information about the new food orders from the users and help them to complete those orders. This is managed effectively by the Admin panel provided to them.


As like the client part of registration, you should also set up the accounting system for businesses. since you create a food delivery app for many businesses, they need to create an account for their restaurants to manage their whole supply chain on their own.

But the registration details are not the same as the customer part. It is a whole different part where the businesses need to register with requirements such as physical Address verification procedure, legal business information, set/change password and other options as well. The restaurant should register their dish offerings so that the app owner can correctly allocate and place it among customers.

Managing all the Data of Restaurants.

Whenever you are planning to build a Food Delivery app you need to keep in mind that you should add all the functionalities for the restaurants to manage their content. Restaurants will need to add basic pieces of information like their physical address, working hours calendar, what menu they offer. So a Well-organized UX design will enable restaurants convenient in updating, editing or removing dish items, changing the cost of the item, uploading photos, etc.

Order managing system

order management begins with receiving the order request from the customer. The first step is viewing the order details and initiate the process by sending the confirmation notification to the users and also keep updated with the order process to keep in touch with both customers and couriers.

Delivery Side System

This side is for the couriers who deliver the food items to the customers. This is a simple part that includes the functionalities and data which helps couriers to deliver and update the status correctly.


All the couriers should register their details in this portal and should be verified to make deliveries.

Accepting order Management

This functionality allows the courier to accept or reject an order request. This provides them with a detailed description of what the food item the user has selected, its specifications, quantities, pickup location, the delivery time of the order and the delivering destination. After viewing the above details the courier can either accept or reject the order.

Food Delivery App


Thus the development process of the Food Delivery App requires a lot of planning and strategies to make it a success. You should not miss any of these above-mentioned features that are must-have in any of the Food Delivering App.

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