How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer?

The first question that comes in the mind who are looking to build Web Applications by hiring a Developer is "How much does it cost to hire a Web Developer? ". Here we have explained it in detail to get you an exact answer.

Choosing the right developer who’s perfect for your project will depend on both your budget and your requirements. For your Web Development Project, whether it’s a single-page application, an API, or a cloud-based application you need a talented web developer with a great knowledge of your requirements. 

Web development trends are changing frequently so you need a developer who understands the market, latest development trends, and the one who knows how to use this to make your web project successful. A Full-stack developer is the one who can probably code in a number of programming languages and frameworks can help you in all aspects of your web development project. There are projects where you need only a less from a developer, there you can go for a developer with less expensive with a definite skillset

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The Cost to Hire a Web Developer mainly depends on your requirements and how much you are ready to spend. Here are the most important cost factors you will need to consider when budgeting to hire a Web Developer for your development needs

Web Developers 

Web developers take care of Front end Logic and Server-Side. They're typically well-versed in HTML, CSS, , JavaScript and JQuery for front-end work, and generally familiar with Java,, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails for server-side.


Factors that play an important role in cost.

Figuring out your Requirements

A detailed outlook is an important consideration for any development project which can help you easily figure out the cost estimation. Making a clear note of your idea will give you a scope determination. While defining your scope bring it as a detailed version  so that you can get an accurate cost estimation for your project.

The cost and time required to build a single page web application will be less when compared to building a large enterprise level web applications.A well-defined creative detail will help prevent scope scramble and make your project run smoothly, and set expectations upfront that will help to attract a talented web developer who can come up with the results you are looking for.

Hiring an Agency vs Hiring Freelancer

The cost of hiring a single developer versus hiring an agency has a huge difference. When you hire an agency you will get access to a complete model from designer, developer, Project managers and more.

But in case of sinlge freelance developer, when you need more than develoment to complete your web application you need to hire others seperately. This can consume you more times and cost. It also becomes more difficlut for you to communicate each one seperately to complete the project.

So it is good choice to hire an agency where you can get everyone on a sinle place. So you can communicate with everyone under a sinlge roof which can make clients work more simple and less stressful who doesn't fully understand how web projects are carried out.

As we already said a full stack developer can contribute on both design and development which can be beneficial for small business. But if your projects needs more than one to complete you can hire an agency who can provide you with full service where you can have access to every talent for all your development process.


The location of your developer will also play a big role in cost more than the experience and skillset of the developer because the costs of living at different locations is different. There are lot of advantages and disadvantages of choosing an offshore developer who is located outside your country.

The major advanages of hiring a developer outside of your region is the reduction of cost. The development cost can be reduced to half by choosing a developer in certain locations where the cost of living is low.

How much does it cost to hire a web developer at different countries.

Hourly rate of Web Developers at different Lcations.

> Web Developer Hourly Rate at Australia and New Zealand

Junior to Senior Web Developer hourly rate usually ranges from 40$ - 100$

> Web Developer Hourly Rate at Asia 

Junior to Senior Web Developer hourly rate usually ranges from 20$ - 45$

> Web Developer Hourly Rate at US

Junior to Senior Web Developer hourly rate usually ranges from 45$ - 120$

> Web Developer Hourly Rate at Eastern Europe

Junior to Senior Web Developer hourly rate usually ranges from 25$ - 65$

> Web Developer Hourly Rate at Western Europe

Junior to Senior Web Developer hourly rate usually ranges from 30$ - 80$

The above rates may change based on your hiring needs and models. 


In Conclusion

Figuring out your requirements, Geographic locations and programming will give you an general idea of an estimated cost. The best way to find out exact cost is to communicate with the developers and request bids. When you are requesting  the estimation make sure you explain your requirements clear and can make your project success. 

If you need any assistance in your Web Development Project, feel free to contact Employcoder. We are the outsourcing software development company that has providing services to clients all over the world. 

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