How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

When you have an idea for software development projects such as Web, Mobile or Desktop Applications you need to Hire a software developer and engaging them in your software development process can be the right solution. But the main concern for you is how much would a software Developer cost? So here it is.

Software developers are specialized in front end or back end development or with a specific Programming language. Their roles are often described as Junior developers, mid-level developers, senior or lead developers. The Cost to Hire a Software Developer often varies on the above roles. There are also some other cost factors that come in to picture in your software development costs.

Cost Factors to Hire a Software Developer

Finding out your Requirements

The first thing is knowing what you want to built and what are your requirements. What is your project about? What functionalities do you need in your project? What are the outputs you needed? Do you want to develop in any specific technology or open to developer ideas? Want your software to updated in the future? The cost to hire a software developer will mostly be associated with the above requirements.


Type of Software you want to Build

What type of software are you looking to build, whether a desktop enterprise applications or trying a develop a game or any IoT, AI related Applications. The skills need to build these software projects are different and the costs may also vary according to the skills.

For example, If you are looking to build video games you need software developers with skills in languages such as c and C++ as well as some of the platform-specific languages Kotlin for android and Swift for iOS or looking to build projects related to IoT then you need Software developers who are familiar with IoT related platforms such as Google Cloud IoT, AWS IoT or IBM Watson.

Scope of your Project

Here are some of the scope categories that need to be defined which plays a major role in your Software Development Costs.

Hosting Environment: Whether you want to host your project on Linux or Windows, where Linux is free, open-source development and windows costs for licenses. 

Database: Whether your project needs a Database design? If you are planning to build a dynamic Web Applications there you need a database to store data.

Mobile: Do you want your Web Application to be Mobile Compatibility?  Many Desktop applications are available for both Android and iOS Platforms. 

APIs: Do you need any external APIs for your project? If you need one then this may increase the complexity of your project scope and also, the cost of your project.

Size of the Application: The size of the Application also defines the cost of your Project. Whether you are building a single page application that requires less time when compared to Enterprise Applications which takes a lot of time and also higher costs.

Location of your Developer.

Geography is the major factor in your software development costs. The cost of the developer varies with different locations. The Hourly rates of software developers are costlier in Countries like North America, Australia, Singapore, UK, Eastern Europe, SouthAmerica comparing to countries like India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, etc. Which makes India as one of the cost-effective locations for any Software Development Projects.

Another major con of hiring software developers located hours ahead of you then you can have your project time increased to 24-hour development cycle compared to local developer who works on the same hours as you which fastens your software development projects and get results quickly.



With these points you may get the general idea of the costs but to know the exact cost you need a consult with a Expert developer explaining your project requirements.

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