How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

A Mobile App Developer is the one who can help you build an app from scratch to the end or update to an existing one. But when looking to hire an App Developer to build an app, the important thing every one look in to is How much does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer? and budget for the Mobile App Development Project. 

So How Much does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer?  Here are some cost factors you need to consider when hiring a Mobile App Developer so that you can budget your mobile app development project.

Cost Factors

Scope of your Mobile App Development Project

The idea of finding the mobile app development cost is to identify your requirements and needs from your developer. 

Whether you need a mobile app developer in developing an app from scratch?

or need help in updating an existing app to the latest version? 

Whether your app consists of some uniques technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality which requires more technical expertise in your Mobile App Developer? 

The Rates of the Mobile App Developer largely depends on the requirements of your project and the skills needed to develop your mobile app.


Mobile Platform you Choose to Build your App

The Cost of an app developer may change based on whether you need a native app—whether that’s Android, iOS, or Windows—or are you looking to create a hybrid, web, or cross-platform mobile app. If you are looking to create a native app for each platform, you are creating a codebase that is written for that mobile platform, and that mobile platform only. So developing a native app for each platform will reflect in your app development timeline and also on the Budget of the App.

When Startups or Enterprises look to build apps that support multiple platforms, they go for Cross-Platform or hybrid options that run natively on devices. This saves a lot of time and money for businesses that with one version your the app runs on all OS's and devices but the con is that the app is a little slower and the pro is that cross-platforms like Xamarin, Flutter, React Native & PhoneGap use technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript which is familiar for all developers, so it is affordable to hire developers instead of looking for a specific language.

Based on App Project Complexity and Output

When you are looking to build a mobile app try to establish your project's requirements as much detail as possible so that it will help you determine the phases of building an app, time to build the app and the cost. The time and cost of your mobile App Development will vary based on your needs in terms of design, Functionality, APIs and other back-end integrations, and testing.

Make a note of what you need from a mobile app developer exactly which can lead to lower cost and shorter timeline. Whether you are building an app from scratch? Are you making changes to an existing app? Are you converting your app's code to your new version such as Kotlin to Kotlin 1.3, like swift to swift 5? Define what is your exact requirement in your mobile app development project which has a major role in app development cost

The Cost of the App varies according to the feature and functionalities you want in your app. A simple app may cost $3000 - $8000 and a Complex app like real-time messaging apps may cost $40,000 to $120,000 which requires database support and back end integrations.

Geographic Location

Geographic location has a huge effect on the rates of the developer. Mobile app developers from different countries charge different rates based on their locations as per their standard of living. 

The Hourly Rate of App Developers on the US and Canada ranges from $50 - $200

The Hourly Rate of App Developers on India ranges from $10 - $80

The Hourly Rate of App Developers on the UK and Western Europes ranges from $35 - $150

The Hourly Rate of App Developers on Australia and New Zealand ranges from $50 - $150

The Hourly Rate of App Developers on Eastern Europe ranges from $20 - $100


Developer Expertise

Based on your experience of your developer, the Cost of the developer will vary. When the experience of the developer is more, the hourly rate of the developer will high which also increases the development cost of the App. The Average cost of an App developer varies from $20 - $100 per hour.

When you choose to develop your app in a specific platform, then the rate of each platform-specific developer such as Android Developers, iOS Developers may vary. When you choose hybrid or cross-platform apps which use common technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript which is familiar for all developers, so it is affordable to hire developers 

If you’re looking to build an app from scratch, you need an experienced mobile developer with the experience to take the project from the beginning to the completion of the project. If you doing small updates or small functionalities to your app and having the minimum budget you can specify that you need a junior or intermediate-level developer.


We hope this blog gives you a better idea of cost factors to hire a Mobile App Developer if you are looking to build a mobile app. The best way to find out an exact cost is to describe your requirements in brief and communicate with developers or an agency.

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