Hire Solidity Developers To Develop Secure Smart Contracts and Blockchain Applications

Hire Solidity Developers To Develop Secure Smart Contracts and Blockchain Applications

Hire Solidity Developer

Employcoder is a leading IT Outsourcing Company backed up by industry certified Solidity Developers who are proficient in building Solidity empowered Decentralized applications(DApps) and Ethereum Smart Contracts . Hire Solidity Developers to Build reliable, scalable, and secure blockchain-based Applications. From designing a tailored strategy to executing and Launching your Product, Our Solidity Developers provide end-to-end solidity development services to help in building Ethereum Smart Contracts with trusted frameworks. Our dedicated Solidity Developers have extensive Solidity blockchain development experience in delivering highly efficient and custom Solidity Development Services. Enrich your business capabilities with our Solidity Experts and Solutions to meet your business challenges.

Whether you need a product minded agile Solidity Developer or a dedicated Product Development Team, Employcoder can Help. Contact Our Experts


What is Solidity?

Solidity is a high-level and contract-oriented programming language used for writing secure smart contracts. It was specifically designed for building smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, mostly preferred is Ethereum. Developed by Alex Beregszaszi, Christian Reitwiessner, and several former Ethereum core contributors, this object-oriented programming language Solidity helps in developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM). With the use of Solidity, developers are able to develop apps that implement self-enforcing business logic embodied in smart contracts, leaving a non-repudiable and authoritative record of transactions. Instead of using other languages, Writing smart contracts in smart contract-specific programming languages such as Solidity provides great benefits to both developers and businesses.

The increasing importance of Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts has provided booster rockets for Solidity Language rise to the top of modern business architectures.

Key Features of Solidity

1. Object-Oriented Programming Language
2. High-level, Human-readable code
3. Similar syntax to JavaScript and C++
4. Inheritance Support
5. Application Binary Interface (ABI)
6. Supports Multiple type-safe functions
7. Supported by various integrated development environments 
8. use of Truffle Framework 

Business Benefits of using Solidity 

1. Distributed ledger
2. Open Source technology
3. Trust and Enhanced data Security
4. Ease of use Programming Language
5. Easy Integration,
6. Improved Traceability
7. Independent verification
8. Greater Transparency
9. Can used on Various Blockchain networks
10. Time and Low Costs
11. No Single Point of Failure

Solidity Blockchain Development

Being the Top  Offshore Software & Blockchain Development Service Provider in the industry for over years, we Employcoder use blockchain technology to deliver innovative solutions to Startups, Large and Medium Enterprises. Our blockchain developers have great expertise in leveraging the power of blockchain for businesses in various verticals. We offer various blockchain app development services such as blockchain development, DApp Development, smart contract development, cryptocurrency wallet development, Cryptocurrency exchange development, Hyperledger/Ethereum Development, ICO Development, etc to get the outcome of the best blockchain development solutions. Our Solidity Developers have a good understanding of Solidity language in building DApps and Smart Contracts on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. 


Solidity Blockchain Development Services

Reduce your Software development and maintenance costs and accelerate time-to-market by opting for our range of Solidity development services.Whether Ethereum or any other blockchain network, our Solidity developers deliver solutions that run seamlessly on all major blockchain platforms. Our Decentralized Applications and smart contracts are marked by a scalable, robust architecture that supports high performance without compromising security. We offer exceptional development services by extracting the maximum potential out of Solidity Language.

DApp Development On Solidity 

Our Solidity Developers design and deploy Decentralized Applications(DApps) with smart contracts using Solidity Language that provides enhanced security and functionality to the end-users. Our DApp developers have a keen understanding of Solidity Language and are Expertise in building Decentralized Apps that are cost-efficient and add value to user-experience. Hire DApp Developers who have great expertise in building, integrating, and managing, industry-specific Decentralized Applications for various industry verticals.

Smart Contract Development On Solidity

Our Ethereum Solidity programmers design and develop secure solidity based smart contracts for private and public blockchain networks that come with business-centric features catered specifically to a range of industries. Hire Smart Contract Developers from us and get performance-driven Ethereum based smart contract Development Services like Ethereum Smart Contracts, Smart Contract Auditing, Smart Contract based MLM, Smart Contract DApps,  etc. We also Provide Popular Smart Contract based MLM Clone Scripts like Forsage Clone Script.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development On Solidity

Our team of experienced solidity developers provides Cryptocurrency Exchange software development solutions for startups and large companies who are thinking of using powerful Blockchain technology. Our Solidity Developers can build a highly secure and scalable Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform as well as Cryptocurrency Exchange App, Crypto wallet apps, smart contract-driven decentralized exchange Development (DEX), and much more as per the client’s business requirements. Hire Crypto Exchange Developers to help your business get the full advantages of Solidity.

Crowdsales Smart Contract Development On Solidity

Our Offshore Solidity Developers develop smart contracts for ICO, STO, ETO, IEO, and for any kind of blockchain-based Crowdsale programs. We also develop Ethereum Smart contracts for issuing stable coins and to cover each aspect of asset tokens. We Develop smart contracts on various platforms such as Ethereum Blockchain Networks, Neo Blockchain, and Hedera Hashgraph.

Digital Token Creation On Solidity

Our Solidity Development services are extended to the development of digital tokens. Most of the small to large businesses today mostly rely on adopting cryptocurrencies into their business process owing to the various benefits it provides. Our dedicated Solidity Developers create digital tokens that are mintable, upgradable, burnable and transferable in the smart contract of your ERC20 Token Creation which can be used across every sector of the business.

Full Stack Blockchain Development On Solidity

While the traditional development solutions are being there, the businesses are nowadays preferring blockchain development while collaborating with the traditional ones. Our Solidity Developers are well-versed with Blockchain-based Full Stack development and ensure our clients to encapsulate the whole process from the mobile apps, web apps, microservices, APIs to the backend SQL, NO SQL DB, and IPFS.

Solidity Blockchain Development : Tools & Technologies

Our Solidity Developers have great expertise in providing optimum programming solutions. Have a look at a few of  our Technology & Tools our Solidity Developers uses,

Solidity REPL: Used to Write command-line codes on Solidity console
Solgraph: visualizes control flow of a Solidity contract and highlights potential security vulnerabilities.
Evmdis: an EVM disassembler that Separates bytecode into basic blocks.
Doxity: Documentation Generator for Solidity

Our Solidity Development Expertise across Industrial Verticals

When you Hire Solidity developers from Employcoder, you get Complete Solidity Development solutions catering to your specific industry and business requirements. We extend our Solidity Development services across various industry verticals such as,

Industries We Develop DApps For,
1. Gaming
2. Banking & Finance
3. E-Commerce
4. Supply chain
5. Government
6. Voting
7. Real Estate
8. Insurance
9. Healthcare

Why Hire Solidity Developers From Employcoder?

Employcoder provides business-driven and user-centric Solidity development services with faster turnaround time and better ROI for Businesses. Hire Developers in India who are experts in Solidity development to deliver innovative and best outcomes. Our developers develop sophisticated Blockchain Applications on various Blockchain Networks to accelerate your business. Look at the various benefits provided by Employcoder Developers.

1. Highly Creative & Dedicated Teams
2. 100% Client Satisfaction
3. In-Depth Domain Knowledge
4. Ensured Data Security & Confidentiality.
5. Non-Disclosure Agreement
6. Uninterrupted 24/7 Support
7. Flexible Hiring Models
8. Set up your ODC in 24hrs.
9. Hire a Team of Your Choice
10.Integrity & Transparency
11. Top-Notch Deliverables
12. IP Rights and Source Code Authorization.

Know in Detail about the Benefits of Hiring Developers From Employcoder

Ready To Get Started? Contact us to Hire Solidity Developers and kick-start your Blockchain based Development Projects.

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