Hire Smart Contract Developers for your Crypto & Blockchain Startup Projects!

Hire Smart Contract Developers for your Crypto & Blockchain Startup Projects!

Hire Smart Contract Developers

Hire Smart Contract developers who have vast experience in building highly secured, robust, and high-performance Smart Contract development to enhance your business operations. Hire Smart Contract developers in India from Employcoder leading Smart Contract Development Company on an hourly or full-time basis to avail top class smart contract development services and save up to 50% of your Smart Contract development cost.

Our highly experienced Smart Contract developers provide end-to-end Smart Contract Development solutions to businesses in diverse industry verticals. Avail our Smart Contract development services by hiring our Offshore Smart Contract Developers to experience the best of Smart Contract development.

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What Are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are set of code that is stored on a blockchain network and automatically executes when predetermined terms and conditions are met. In simple terms, it can be defined as a set of rules intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart Contracts are written as programs and run as they’ve been set up to run by the developers who developed it and code on the contracts is publicly available on the ledger. Smart contracts are most used to enforce some type of agreement so that all participants on the contract can be certain of the outcome without the involvement of a middleman.

Benefits of Smart Contracts

1. Save time by accelerating transactions
2.It offers a transparent system
3. Helps to Make Quick Decisions
4. Increase trust among customers
5. Automatically execute transactions
6. Smart contracts are interruption-free.
7. Highly Secured and Very Hard to Hack
8. Protect data and transactions from fraud
9. Every Transaction are encrypted
10. Records are stored on a Distributed ledger
11. Removes the need for intermediaries
12. Helps to streamline complex processes
13. Remove costs by reducing overheads and cost intermediaries.
14. The contract can't be changed or altered in any way.
15. Ensures Decentralization in all blockchain application


Use Cases of Smart Contracts 

Smart Contracts can be applied and used in several industries. Here we are going to see some blockchain smart contracts Use cases. Smart contract Development use cases range from simple to complex operations. We can apply Smart Contracts in many areas such as:

1. Stock Tacking in Supply Chain Management
2. Digital Identity Management
3. Peer to Peer Transactions
4. Improve the process of Insurance claim processing
5. Ensure the authenticity of a copyrighted product.
6. Transfer of Money or Currency without an intermediary.
7. Helps to keep Patient health records secure
8. To Stop Allegations of voting fraud 
9. Used to record property ownership
10. Protection from counterfeit and theft
11. To Authenticate certificate 

Smart Contract Development

Employcoder is a leading Blockchain Development company in India that offers the most versatile, stable, and secure, Smart Contract development for Private and Public Blockchain Networks. We offer businesses Top-notch Smart Contract development services for faster, Secured, efficient, and reliable business operations.  At Employcoder, we have Smart Contract development teams who are experts in providing Smart Contract solutions according to the specific client requirements. Hire smart contract developers from us to avail our Full Stack Smart Contract Development services and Enrich your business productivity and revenue. We help your business get the full advantages of Smart Contracts Development.

Smart Contract Platforms Our Developers are Expertise in

Our expert smart contract developers / Programmers excel in providing Smart Contract Development Services by leveraging the iconic Blockchain platforms. Our proficient Smart Contract developers hold in-depth expertise in utilizing the high-level dynamic programming languages along with related smart contract development tools to build high-end blockchain-based smart contracts. Take a look at some of the blockchain platforms our smart contract developers are expert in creating a custom smart contracts 


We help you to build smart contract on popular blockchain platforms.If you wish to Develop a Smart Contract for your business then feel free to consult with our Blockchain experts. Get a Free Consultation

Our Smart Contract Development Dervices

Smart Contract Auditing

We offer smart contract security auditing services to analyze issues, errors in the code, or security vulnerabilities to provide bug-free smart contracts and ensure that it is safe from breaches.

Smart Contract For DApps

We develop Decentralized Applications with smart contracts that provide high-end security and functionality to the users. Our Smart Contract Developers have great expertise in building, integrating, and managing, industry-specific Smart Contract Development for DApps.

Smart contract for DEX

We offer Cryptocurrency Exchange Developement with decentralized smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS, and more. It enables decentralized exchange businesses to safeguard the privacy of end-user data,  digital assets and private keys, business logic, and data maintenance.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallets

We help businesses to build digital wallets with smart contracts to execute credible and fast transactions without the involvement of a third party. Our Smart Contract Developers are good at developing multi-signature digital wallets with smart contracts that allow secure storage and exchange of digital assets.

Smart Contracts For Crowdsales

We offer smart contract development services especially for ICO, STO, ETO, IEO, and any kind of blockchain Crowdsale program. we also develop a Smart contract for issuing stable coins and to cover each aspect asset tokens.

Lending Smart Contract 

We help you to Build a Peer to Peer Lending platform using Smart Contract that brings more trust and transparency to the system. P2P lending smart contract platform enables lenders and borrowers to connect directly without the involvement of third parties. Smart Contract Lending Platform can help reduce delays, eliminate the need for middlemen, make quick approvals, and brings more transparency.

Smart Contract for MLM 

We provide white label smart contract-based MLM software development services. We help you to build a Smart Contract based MLM Platform built on Ethereum blockchain that provides better security, efficiency, and transparency. Developed with an immutable smart contract, MLM Platforms comes with automated transactions that enable the transaction of funds directly to user wallets without the involvement of middlemen.

We also provide ready-made Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts to Start your own Smart Contract based MLM instantly like popular Smart Contract based MLM Platforms.

Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts

1. Forsage Clone Script

2. Million Money Clone Script

3. Etrix Clone Script

4. Doubleway Clone Script and More

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Smart Contract For Gaming

Smart contracts have significant potential to improve Gaming Applications. Our Experienced Smart Contract Developers build Game Platforms and decentralized applications using smart contracts to make it more robust. Our Developers build a high-level gaming platform on various blockchain networks like Tron, EOS, Ethereum, Waves, and More.

Smart Contract For Hyip

Nowadays many entrepreneurs are eager to start a Cryptocurrency investment business with the HYIP Platform. Our Smart Contract Developers help you to Build your own DApp based HYIP with Smart Contract. The HYIP Platform we develop using Smart Contract is completely decentralized which will help business owners gain more trust among the investors and generate more revenue.

Smart Contract Development Services For Industries

Our Smart Contract Developers offers advanced Blockchain powered Smart Contract Development solutions to deliver tailored and precise solutions for diverse industry verticals. 

1. Supply Chain
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Banking & Finance
4. Healthcare
5. Insurance
6. Real Estate
7. Voting
8. Media & Entertainment
9. Betting and More.

Why Hire Smart Contract Developers From Employcoder?

Smart Contract development services from Employcoder comprise Smart Contract development by highly experienced and skilled programmers. Our Smart Contract developers build scalable, innovative, fully-functional Smart Contracts to provide a unique competitive edge to your business. Know more reasons here on why to hire SmartContract developers from us.

1. Highly Creative & Dedicated Teams
2. Integrity & Transparency
3. In-Depth Domain Knowledge
4. 10+ Years Experience
5. Save 50% Development Cost
6. Non-Disclosure Agreement
7. Easy extension & scaling
8. Flexible Engagement Models

"The True Enterpreneur is a Doer, not a Dreamer" 

Stop Dreaming and start doing.

Start your business with 100% secured decentralized smart contract now. Hire Developers from Employcoder who can code bug-free smart contracts for your business and make your business or enterprise eye-catchy & trutworthy among the people in the digital globe. Hire Blockchain developers who are Expert at building apps like Smart Contracts, Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Trading, Blockchain wallets,digital cash systems etc.

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