Hire NFT Token Developers to Create your own Unique NFT Token

Hire NFT Token Developers to Create your own Unique NFT Token

Hire NFT Token Developers

Hire NFT Token Developer from Employcoder to Create your own NFT Token with the advanced Smart contract functionalities to get a high-level of security and reliability supported by various blockchain Networks. Our Team of Experienced NFT Token Developers are specialized in providing NFT Token development solutions that suit all your business requirements. 

Hire Us For Your NFT Token Development. 

What are Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT are tokens which were created to represent unique items or an asset secured by a Blockchain network. In simple terms they are unique digital tokens which cannot be interchanged with other tokens, even if no two NFTs are the same. This is exactly opposite to Cryptocurrencies and other fungible tokens which can be interchanged with one another. NFT allows us to tokenize things like Digital paintings, artworks, collectibles, Virtual games, Music, Tokenized real-world assets and even real estate which make us provable ownership over those things.

Characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)

1. Each NFT has an unique identifier.
2. NFTs are Fully Secured and genuine.
3. NFTs cannot be interchanged with other Token. Even Two NFTs are not the same.
4. Each NFT has an owner which makes verification of information easier.
5. Most NFTs cannot be divided into smaller units. 
6. NFTs can be scarce, and that's one reason driving their value.
7. NFT Tokens cannot be destroyed, removed, or replicated.

Benefits of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)

NFT Tokens are high in demand and are widely due to the various benefits it offers. 
Here are some of the benefits of Building your own NFT Tokens,

1. Easily Transferable
2. High Transparency
3. Fractionalize Ownership
4. Ensures Authenticity
5. Trustworthy
6. Interoperability
7. Royalties

Use Cases of Non Fungible Tokens

Gaming Industry

Gaming is one of the unfaded Industry which is being transformed to virtual economies in recent years. Games like Fortnite, World of Warcraft creates virtual gaming experience with in-game collectibles for players at different levels of the games. Blockchain and NFTs have greater impacts on gaming, as they provide authenticity, validation for players along with options to exchange in-game collectibles in a secured manner. The NFTs solve major internal difficulties in virtual video games such as difficulty in purchase of weapons and rare items in games like Fornite, PUBG and more.

With complete understanding of the use-cases of NFTs in gaming, Our NFT Token Developers can develop & deploy NFTs for any kind of games with specific functionalities.

Digital Content

The Major uses of NFTs are in Digital Content Creations for Content Creators. Content Creators often lose half of their earnings to platforms where they showcase their works. But NFTs power a new creator economy where the content creators are the sole ownership of their digital works. When the Creators sell their works their earnings goes directly to them. Even if the new owner sells the NFT the royalties goes to the original content creator as the creator's address is the part of token's metadata. 

Our NFT Token Developers helps you in providing complete transparency, ownership and prevention of our digital contents through the best NFT token developments.

Decentralized Domains

Another major use case of NFTs are Blockchain Domains which includes licensing and distribution. They replace long digital wallet addresses which are also easy to read. They also behave as payment gateways to receive cryptocurrencies as payments. Anyone can purchase the blockchain domain and can make it public to receive payments. These domains can be sold like other assets on the NFT Marketplace. We serve a better support when it comes to the licensing or distribution of blockchain domains through our NFT Token development services.

Identification and Certification

NFTs can be used to store unique information about a goods, persons or assets which enables them to provide identity, certification or License to that particular item. A Unique Document containing the information about anything that is issued on the blockchain as a NFT can be traced to the source to ensure its authenticity. This may be used to store medical datas, education certificates, organization details so that an individual will be the complete owner of their data. 

Our NFT token developers are experts in creating NFT tokens by  developing and deploying smart contracts that ensure cent percent ownership of your digital assets & data.


Most business or unique creators facing a major problem nowadays are copying their items. The whole credits must go to the creator. As there is a lack of ownership rights everyone makes a copy of something and sells it. NFTs and Blockchain networks exactly solve these problems and verify a proof of ownership over something to the creators.

Social Tokens

Social Tokens are tokens that are issued by a community or for an individual to represent ownership of their organization or an individual success. These tokens can be personal tokens, community tokens, creator tokens or fan tokens. A Great Example of this is Calaxy a DLT based App which allows creators and influencers to sell digital tokens. Users can buy these tokens to redeem multiple interactions. 

We develop NFTs for any kind of business requirements with any functionalities by leveraging any token standards on any blockchain network.

Physical and Digital Collectibles

NFTs can be also used as a digitalized version of your collectibles which you can hold or transfer. We extend our service of developing NFTs as digital collectibles which can boost your art,gaming or any other business platforms 

How to Create Your Own NFT Token?

NFT Token Development Services

We EmployCoder Leading IT Outsourcing Company provides experienced NFT Token developers for hire to create your own NFT Tokens for various unique aspects that bring great value to your Business. Our NFT Token developers ensure to bring you highly secure and fully customizable NFT Token development solutions that suit your unique needs.

Non-Fungible Token Development on Different Blockchain Platforms

There are multiple frameworks available across various blockchain networks to build Non Fungible Tokens. Our NFT Token Developers have great expertise in Building NFT tokens on all major Blockchain platforms. Ethereum is one of the widely used blockchain networks for NFT Token Development but there are other platforms too. 

1. Ethereum - ERC20, ERC-721 , ERC-1155
2. TRON - TRC-20
3. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - BEP 20
4. EOS
5. Tezos
6. Cosmos

Why Hire Non-Fungible Token Developers From Employcoder

When you Hire Developers from Employcoder you get a team of dedicated developers with wide experience and in- depth knowledge in providing various blockchain solutions. Here are the other reasons to Hire developers from us.

1. Large Pool of Dedicated resources
2. No Hidden Costs
3. Flexible Engagement Models
4. Strict NDA Terms
5. On Time Project Delivery
6. 24/7 Technical Support
7. Security & IP Protection

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