Hire DApp Developers to Build your DApps

Hire DApp Developers to Build your DApps

Hire Dapp Developers

As a top-notch DApp Development company, we build highly secure and fully personalized Decentralized applications. Our dedicated DApps Developers Team builds Blockchain wallet apps, smart contracts, DApps Development,  and more. Hire DApp Developers From us to Build your own DApp or to update an existing application.  Our DApp Developers are expert in Building Decentralized Apps on various blockchain platforms such as Tron, Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, Stellar, Corda, & Hashgraph. We offer End-and-End DApp development services and deploy this technology in a way that every business can attain great success from it. Hire‌ Ethereum DApps ‌developers‌ ‌on‌ ‌an‌ ‌hourly‌ ‌or‌ ‌full‌ ‌time‌ ‌basis‌ ‌and‌ ‌save‌ ‌up‌ ‌to‌ ‌50%‌ ‌of‌ ‌your‌ ‌development‌ ‌cost.‌

You bring the idea. We’ll bring the DApp Experts.


Before Entering into the DApps development, let us understand what DApps or Decentralized Application are! 

What are Dapps?

Decentralized Applications(DApps) are computer apps that run on the distributed system built on powerful blockchain technology. In simple words, it can be explained as Dapps are nothing but applications that leverage blockchain technology and operate from a secure and reliable network rather than on a server system owned or controlled by one central power. As the name implies Decentralized, Dapps are not centrally controlled. So Dapps has the advantages of greater transparency and the lack of third-party on the system. DApps are commonly hosted on peer-to-peer networks such as Ethereum, Tron, Loom, or Waves, etc.

Among various benefits provided by DApps, It contributes towards the battle against internet censorship which increases trust in the system. Here are some more benefits of Dapps so that you can understand why Dapps will play a major role in your Business and in the future. 

Business Benefits Of Implementing DApps

Dapps has great potential to bring many things to reality in the very near future. More than any benefit, the Major advantage of Dapps is that they are decentralized. All software product business owners have gone through major issues such as security breaches, website downtime, and other failures and bugs. Dapps have the ability to solve many of those problems. 

Benefits of Dapps: 

1. Open-source
2. Decentralized Consensus
3. Users can retain control of their data
4. Can Use cryptocurrency as payment
5. Secure P2P Payments
6. Maintaining Privacy
7. Removes transaction fees
8. Prevents Single Point Failure
9. No central authority or monopoly
10. Generate income for users
11. Censorship-proof
12. Avoid Conflicts

DApps Development Statistics

Dapps will continue to grow exponentially in the future. There are now over 3000 Dapps built on Ethereum, the leading Blockchain-Based Dapps platform. Here are DApp Statistics


Source : State of the DApps 

DApp Development Company

We Employcoder Leading Blockchain Development Company offers a wide array of Blockchain development services such as  Private Blockchain Development, DApp Development, Smart contract Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, ICO Development, Wallets, and much more to maximize your business benefits. We provide end-to-end DApp Development solutions to create an immutable, Secured, and robust decentralized application that suits your business. Hire Blockchain Developers who have expertise on all major blockchain platforms and strives to provide the best blockchain development solutions.

Our DApp Development Services

As a Leading DApp Development Company, Our highly experienced Ethereum DApp Developers deliver business-centric DApp Development solutions suiting your specific project requirements. Our DApp Development services are centered around optimally leveraging the robust Blockchain DApps development frameworks to build scalable, performance-oriented, feature-rich, and secure DApps for global clients. Our DApp developers can be hired to work remotely for building diversified dapps for small, mid-large scale businesses & which can save up to 50% your dapp development cost. 

Hire Ethereum DApp Developers

Leveraging the Experience in blockchain DApps Development our Ethereum Developers help you build the best Decentralized Applications (DApp) for your business on the Ethereum Platform. Our Ethereum DApp developers have a keen knowledge of Solidity Language and are Expertise in building DApps that are cost-efficient and add value to user-experience. Hire Ethereum Developers who will work as your extended team and are capable to deliver Top-Notch Ethereum DApp Development solutions meeting your business challenges. We use various Ethereum Development Tools such as Truffle, Remix, Ganache, Embark, Parity Tools, and Zeppelin Tools.

Hire Tron DApp Developers

Hire Tron DApp Developers to design and develop highly Secure, Scalable, and Reliable Tron dApps on the Tron Network with advanced features and functionality. Our TRON Development Team has closely worked with large to Small enterprises to develop industrial-grade decentralized applications (DApps) and Smart Contracts. Our TRON Developers utilize the agile model to build the DApps within the appropriate timeline who are proficient in using various TRON Tools and Technology such as Tron Studio, Tron Station, Tron Web, Tron Grid, and much more.

Hire EOS DApp Developers

With experience in DApp development, our EOS Developers can build and deploy scalable Decentralized applications. Our EOS Development team can quickly identify on-chain and off-chain entities, develop microservices, set up EOS nodes, and integrate EOS APIs into your existing solution or application. Hire EOS Developers from us who can leverage the benefits of the EOS blockchain to develop secure DApps on the EOS Blockchain Platform.

Hire DApp Game Developers

The Gaming industry can take advantage of Dapps by keeping achievements over the blockchain marketplace, we worked for very successful projects that had this implementation. Our DApps Developers have great expertise in Building DApp Games on the latest blockchain network such as Ethereum, EOS, Tron, etc.


DApp Development Platforms our Developer are Expertise in

Our Dedicated team of blockchain Experts and DApp developers can help you build your DApp on Popular Blockchain Platforms to create strong business value for your users. Our DApp developers build decentralized apps on the following Blockchain Platforms


Our Developers Expertise On Dapp Development Tools & Technologies

Our DApp Developers have the domain-specific experience to provide optimum programming solutions. Have a look at a few of  our Technology & Tools our DApp Developers are Expertise in 

Geth - Tool used to run a full Ethereum node on the system
Testnet - Used for testing smart contracts and DApps
Truffle - Development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for Ethereum

Other DApp Development Tools We are Testing

Remix - web-based IDE for solidity and the Ethereum Development Environment
Ganache - personal blockchain for Ethereum development
Zeppelin - Solidity framework for writing secure smart contracts
Blockstack - open-source and developer-friendly network for building DApps and smart contracts

Our DApp Development Expertise across Industrial Verticals

You can Hire DApp developers from Employcoder to get Complete DApp solutions catering to your specific industry and business requirements. We extend our DApp Development services for clients in various industry verticals ranging from  Finance, retail, Gaming, banking to Supply Chain, eCommerce, and more.

Industries We Develop DApps For,

> Gaming
> Banking & Finance
> E-Commerce
> Supply chain
> Goverment
> Voting
> Real Estate
> Insurance
> Healthcare

Our DApp Development Process

At Employcoder, we have a strong DApps development team of highly experienced DApps developers who have built a range of secure, scalable DApps for clients in various industry verticals. Our team of proficient blockchain developers follows a predefined, immutable, legitimate DApp development process that includes the strategy, process, and accelerators specific to the industry, that enhance your business growth

1. Gathering and understanding our client requirements
2. Choosing the Right blockchain platform to Build DApps
3. Visualize the Entire Design and Development Plan
4. Based on Requirements Our DApps Developers develop from Scratch or Customize the existing DApp
5. Quality testing and bug fixing
6. Deliver Ready-to-use DApp
7. 24/7 Technical Support & Upgradation


Why Hire DApp Developers From Employcoder?

Our proficient DApps developers are competent in leveraging DApp Development Tools and Technologies to build fast, sleek, and scalable Decentralized Applications for your business. So, whether you require to Develop DApp from Scratch or to keep your existing DApp in trend., we can deliver all.  We have a Dedicated DApp Development Team who is proficient to keep your DApps up to customer demands. Our offshore DApp developers offer business-centric services ranging from DApp Design, DApp development, Consulting, and more to global clients. The following are some other reasons to Hire Developers from Employcoder.

1. Highly Creative & Dedicated Teams
2. Integrity & Transparency
3. Top-Notch Deliverables
4. In-Depth Domain Knowledge
5. Uninterrupted Support
6. Non-Disclosure Agreement
7. Flexible Hiring Models

Ready To Get Started? Contact us to Hire DApp Developer and kick-start your DApp Development Project. 

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