Hire Cryptocurrency developers for all your blockchain technology solution requirements. Our Blockchain developers & programmers have already launched many Cryptocurrencies successfully..

What we do?


Blockchain Development

Develop and execute blockchain applications relevant to your organization with our expert team of blockchain developers.


Private Blockchains

We’ve got tons of experience developing private blockchains that help improve efficiency, security & fraud problems for institutions / corporations.



Build cryptocurrency exchange solutions that are completely safe, convenient and user-friendly, backed by advanced security features.



Create permissioned-based private blockchains for a defined and a limited number of users for niche industries.


Smart Contracts

Build and execute, precise and accurate, self-executing smart contracts on ethereum blockchain with experts of Employcoder.


Supply Chain Blockchain

Make your logistics business traceable and transparent by developing a distributed ledger with the help of our blockchain experts

What Makes Employcoder The Right Blockchain Application Development Company?

Hire our resources for complete Cryptocurrency business solution

Experienced Cryptocurrency development team with successful track record

Our blockchain developers have success experience of many Cryptocurrencies launched. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has caught the market because of many reasons. It’s safe and secured. It provides facility of peer-to-peer transactions only without interference of any third entity. All transactions store in public ledger called blockchain. We provide one stop solution for blockchain technology business solution. Our blockchain developers build the digital coin called Cryptocurrency. We provide Cryptocurrency exchange development, ICO development and ICO marketing solution. We also provide blockchain business consulting services.

We have sufficient resources to meet any blockchain development requirement. Our service is such that you will always find us, from the blockchain business planning to blockchain business success, with you.

Why to Hire Our Blockchain Resources from us?

  • Our blockchain developers are success experienced
  • Our quality to price ratio is always higher
  • Our Quality Analysis team not only follows automated testing but also a manual process
  • Our designers are creative and with full of business logic, gives you an edge on your competitors
  • Our blockchain programmers bring your business idea into reality
  • The confidentiality of your business data is our prime goal
  • We work for your business satisfaction

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