Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers To Create Efficient Smart Contracts For All Your DeFi and Blockchain Projects

Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers To Create Efficient Smart Contracts For All Your DeFi and Blockchain Projects

Leading Businesses, Enterprises and Startups of all industry verticals especially finance sectors, governments are already utilizing the benefits of Binance Smart Chain Development and are using it to a maximum potential to gain atmost benefits. Mostly all Sectors are deploying Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Solutions. Binance Smart Chain enables them to Build and deploy secure smart contracts, DApps and DeFi Applications. 

The number of projects, use cases, and applications of Binance Smart Chain are growing everyday. If you are looking to be the part of this ever growing community. We Have got you. 

But Before we get into Binance Smart Chain Development, not everyone who is looking to get started knows what they’re getting into, so we present you a gentle introduction on Everything you need to know.

What is a Binance Smart Chain? What it Holds for Businesses? How to Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers for your Blockchain Project? 

When it all Started?

We have all heard about Binance Chain. Binance, the popular Cryptocurrency exchange launched Binance Chain in 2019. Binance Chain is a network built and optimized for fast, decentralized trading which is the home of BNB Currency. It has gained a huge popularity among users. But it has some limitations by design as it doesn't support Smart Contracts and doesn't have much flexibility. Binance Chain was not able to deliver. What then? That's where the Binance Smart Chain was introduced. 

What is Binance Smart Chain(BSC)?

Binance Smart Chain was a Blockchain launched by Binance in September 2020. It runs parallel to the Binance Chain. It uses Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm. BSC was made compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and enables smart contract functionality that allows smart contract developers to build dApps that natively integrate with the Binance Chain.

How Binance Smart Chain Differs From Binance Chain?

Binance chain is a blockchain designed and optimized for fast transactions of Binance Coin, BNB on their decentralized exchange. In order to achieve this Binance Chain was made with limitations for smart contracts. But Binance Smart Chain was made in a different way that offers more. Binance Smart Chain was made to run parallel to Binance Chain. Instead of a Layer 2 solution, BSC can run independently even if the Binance Chain Went down.

Binance Smart Chain uses a hybrid of Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority which is called as Proof of Staked Authority. The Consensus mechanism used by Binance Smart chain was very similar to the one used by EOS as users must stake BNB to be nominated for a network validator role. As BSC was made EVM compatible it is easy for developers to port their projects from Ethereum to BSC. In users point of view, the advantage is that wallets like Metamask can be easily configured with BSC. In Similar Terms the key characteristics of Binance Smart Chain are,

> BNB Staking.
> EVM Compatibility.
> Proof of Stake Authority.
> Cross-chain compatibility.
> High Performance And Low Fees.

What Binance Smart Chain Offers? - Benefits

1. Enables Smart Contract Functionality
2. BSC has extremely low transaction fees
3. High Speed Transactions
4. Robust Staking Mechanism for BNB
5. Cross Chain DeFi Mechanisms that increases DeFi interoperability
6. High performance with a network capable of producing a block every 3 seconds
7. Cross Chain Asset Transfer
8. Supportive ecosystem that funds many DeFi Projects

Binance Smart Chain Facts

> Binance Smart Chain generated record-high transaction volumes of $745 billion by the end of February.

> DeFi dapps Venus and Autofarm are the biggest dapps on BSC with a total of $729 billion in transaction volumes between them.

> There was a 27% increase in Unique Active Addresses on the BSC Network with more than 108,000 Unique Active Addresses at the end of February.

Binance Smart Chain Development

As a Leading Binance Smart Chain Development Service provider, Our Binance Smart Chain Developers provide end to end Development Solutions on Binance Smart Chain blockchain network with advanced Features and Functionalities. Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers from us who can build and deploy all kinds of applications such as Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications(DApps), Decentralized Finance Applications(DeFi Apps) etc. 

Build DeFi Applications on Binance Smart Chain

The DeFi market offers a lot of opportunities for financial sectors to enable their product and services in terms of a Decentralized ecosystem. There are various blockchain networks that offer developers to build DeFi Applications. Since its inception in september 2020, Binance Smart Chain has been the choice of most entrepreneurs to build their DeFi Applications as it offers a cheap, fast platform to build DApps.

Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers to Build your Binance Smart Chain DeFi Applications with our effective Defi Solutions. From Designing to Deployment of DeFi Application, Our Developers provides an all inclusive development support.

Build DApps on Binance Smart Chain

Did you Know? There are currently 66 DApps listed on Binance Smart Chain. The Platform generated approximately 15 billion Dollar in total transaction volume with two DeFi DApps PancakeSwap and Venus becoming the biggest contributors with $1 billion and $14 billion respectively.

The platform says that the numbers are expanding and looking for More DApps. Want to be part of this community? Leveraging the Experience in DApps Development our Binance Smart Chain Developers help you build the Scalable and performance oriented DApps for your business on the Binance Smart Chain Network. 

Build Smart Contracts on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain has mainly come into the picture to enable smart contract functionality that enables businesses to create smart contracts for a variety of Applications across different business areas. Our Binance Smart Chain Developers have great expertise in developing, integrating and Deploying industry-specific Smart Contracts on Binance Smart chain for various aspects like DApps, DEX, DeFi, Digital Wallets,

Hire smart contract developers from us and get Full Stack Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Development services and make your business smarter with smart contracts.  

Why Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers From Employcoder?

We Employcoder Leading IT Outsourcing Company has a team of Expert Developers who are experienced in delivering smart solutions for all your Blockchain Projects on Binance Smart Chain Network. Hire Developers from us on Hourly, Monthly or Full Time Basis. Here are the reasons to Hire Binance Smart Chain Developers from us

1. Highly Creative & Dedicated Teams
2. Integrity & Transparency
3. In-Depth Domain Knowledge
4. 10+ Years Experience
5. Save 50% Development Cost
6. Non-Disclosure Agreement
7. Easy extension & scaling
8. Flexible Engagement Models

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