Our Android app developers build scalable and interactive Android applications with quick turnaround and in cost-effective ways.

Technologies That Power Our Android Apps

we need to hire the top android app development company with proficient developers. So, let’s take a look at the tips for finding the right team of Android app developers for your business


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, the technology that excites any onlooker, has been used by our android application development team in custom developed restaurant applications for rendering an interactive rewards mechanism. AR in mobile apps have become the most compelling call to actions that yield more conversions..


Wearable Applications

As an Android app development company which has expertise over 8 years, we started venturing into technologies that would be the mainstay in future. Wearables was our pick and we started extending our Android app development services for wearable devices based apps as well. Health care was the first industry we contributed for with our AR app development..


Android Games Development

It is the most well-known classification of application. These game applications are designed well. The development of games has great progress. It can possibly achieve better sales for all our clients. Whether passing a couple of minutes with an easygoing riddle or getting fascinated in an intelligent storyline, mobile device clients adore games..


GEO Location

Geo Location has been the key technology in serving ecommerce needs. Our Android developers have made use of geo location to serve 100s of ecommerce mobile shopping apps to detect the location of the user and deliver them personalized suggestions. Geo Location has also helped us in solving unique requirements like improving customer retention, detecting accident prone zones etc.



Our Android app development services extends to providing readymade solutions for building instant messaging and real-time apps. Our readymade solution for chat applications have helped in integrating chat system in enterprise applications, ecommerce shopping apps and for social chat messengers.



The practice that has marked the transition of ecommerce stores from web-only to mobile-first model is one of the crucial areas in which our Android developers contribute. Our Android app development team has delivered mobile shopping apps for ecommerce stores built on platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart etc.

Exclusive Ideas to Boost Your Business

Most App developers will make you believe that the real game is all about screens but do remember that screens can’t do anything until you reach the people behind the screens, connect with them, involve them, and engage them to make things happen.

1. UI & UXIntegration

Best practices of Auto layout and UIKit Dynamics for expected user experience

2. Creating AAR and Gradle

Develop secured SDK and custom Gradle for reusablility

3. Beacon Implementation

Integrate any beacon device sdk for custom apps

4. Automated Testing

Appium & Robotium

5. Peripherals Integration

Integrating Printers with & Card Swiper Integration.

6. Deployment and Maintenance

Appstore deployment and Version maintenance.

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Our Hiring Process

Wireframes mark the beginning of the visually stunning and functionally smart designs that our left-brain thinkers create.We code for projects from the scratch, for those which require tweaks and work on technology integrations as well.With a variety of automation tools and manual efforts, we test your apps in all angles to detect even the slightest of flaws.


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