Top Ecommerce Platforms to Start Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

Top Ecommerce Platforms to Start Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

Ecommerce has altered every industry. Since people nowadays increasingly relying on online shopping. As per the report, it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. Thus Ecommerce has opened the doors of opportunity to entrepreneurs.

Choosing the best Ecommerce platforms to start your Ecommerce business can be a difficult task for many Entrepreneurs. As there are so many options available, but to choose the best one among them can be challenging. Since Ecommerce Website Development has attained enormous growth, thus the demand for Ecommerce tools and resources are also on a high.

Here we have listed the Top Ecommerce platforms that will help you in building your Ecommerce Website and kickstart your Ecommerce business.

Top Ecommerce Platforms for Ecommerce Website Development


Shopify is seen as a great start-up platform for those who are starting an ecommerce business and are looking for something that is very easy to set up and maintain. It is a single platform where you will find all the ecommerce and sale features to start and run your Ecommerce business.


Shopify contains a number of feature-rich, beautiful themes which are developed by professional web designers. If you are a Shopify user you will get a range of free and paid themes to find the right look and feel for your Ecommerce store.

Shopify contains 100+ payment gateways. It supports all the well-known payment methods. You have the freedom of choosing the right payment method for your store for your customers. Shopify even has its own built-in payment system powered by Stripe. Shopify also provides Dropshipping Integration. Oberlo is the app for Shopify users to easily import and drop ship the product.


Magneto is the best platform for large enterprises. According to BuiltWith Reports, Magneto is the second most popular and best ecommerce platforms for startups. It is considered as the flexible and more secure platform for Ecommerce. 


Magneto is an open-source platform and has a huge community that consistently upgrades it to the latest tools and features. It is very easy to download and install. Magneto Connect is the largest ecommerce app store contains all the versions. Once you install magneto you can enjoy free upgrades and Plugins for your ecommerce site.

Magneto is SEO Friendly E-commerce Platform that offers various SEO Friendly URLs to businesses. Whenever a Website or Web app is deployed on to Magneto Platform, the respective organization gets the access to hosting and gets full ownership. That’s why Magneto is considered as a flexible and ownership asset.

Magneto contains many Ready to use extensions. Magneto Marketplace an extension marketplace which has full of extensions. Thus it makes the development process easier and faster. Magneto ecommerce platform comes up with great security for their customers since every transaction from a magneto website is secured with data encryption.




Bigcommerce is an ecommerce platform which enables you to create an online ecommerce store. Bigcommerce is growing at nearly 28% each year, 2x the average growth rate of its competitors. 


Bigcommerce comes up with the built-in multi-channel integrations which allow selling products on platforms such as eBay, Google shopping and other marketplaces. Bigcommerce has 40+ payment gateways. It supports all the well-known payment methods for its clients. Skullcandy Sharp Toyota are some of the websites using Bigcommerce

The major benefit of Bigcommerce is that it offers unlimited bandwidth for ecommerce websites allows your customers to access your ecommerce websites at any time. Bigcommerce platform provides 24/7 email and chats support to solve any major issues faced by clients.
Big companies such as Toyota has used Bigcommerce to build an ecommerce site to help its customers to purchase fittings and accessories. In addition to the standard shopping cart and marketing tools, Bigcommerce comes up with features such mobile-friendly version of your site.


Woocommerce is an open-source, completely customizable ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It is specially designed for small to large-sized online seller. Woocommerce is the most popular content management system which powers 25% of all the websites worldwide.


It is a free plugin and allows selling a range of various products. WooCommerce becomes the choice of most of the ecommerce owners because it provides access to more than hundreds of free and premium WooCommerce extensions and also provides endless flexibility. If you are familiar with WordPress and desired to build an ecommerce store up, running quickly and at a lower cost WooCommerce is an ideal platform.

WooCommerce provides great services, powerful features and it can be easily managed by everyone and its absolutely free. WooCommerce storefront is an intuitive & flexible WordPress themes for free which offer deep integration with WooCommerce.

Woocommerce comes up with pre-installed payment gateways and built-in geolocation support. This makes the shipping and tax calculations simpler by allowing your ecommerce store to auto-detect clients address. It also allows you to take control of the checkout process. Woocommerce uses Ajax in add to cart buttons reduces the page loading time, thus when a customer add or remove items from their cart the cart doesn't have to reload each time.

Woocommerce is also helping in SEO for your Ecommerce website. It is recognized as one of the top platforms for SEO practices in the industry. Woocommerce comes up with popular extensions such as Social Media Integration, Google Analytics or any other tracking features.


Hope we have listed the best Ecommerce Platforms that will help you to create your Ecommerce Website and start your Ecommerce Business



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