Key Trends in Ecommerce Development in 2020

Key Trends in Ecommerce Development in 2020

E-commerce industry is constantly evolving, with innovative technologies booming at a stunning rate. Every one starting to deliver the most possible user experience to the customers to engage them.

Shopping online is the most popular online activities worldwide. As per the report of statista, e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.

Global Ecommerce Report

A lot of new trends have been emerging every day.Ecommerce giants like Amazon, flipkart and Walmart, have been at the leading of adopting and benefiting from such trends.

Let’s see the key Ecommerce trends that every ecommerce business should pay attention in 2020

Key Ecommerce Trends in 2020

Micro - Interactions 

Micro-interactions are functional interactions which serves  a single purpose   and are found all over your device and within apps. Their main purpose is to delight the user to create a moment that is engaging to keep the user.

Micro interactions

Using Microinteractions in the UX will provide a user with an instant response of their actions. By offering prompts, interactions and engagements to the users, thus creating a positive connection to your E-commerce Website and also increases the trust to the user.

Benefits of using Micro interactions in your Ecommerce Site.

> Improves overall website navigation.

> Increases Ease of Use.

> Provides users with Instant Feedback.

> Prevent from Errors by providing right directions inside the site.

> Keeps Users engaged in your Ecommerce Site.

A well-designed microinteraction has the capacity to positively transform a user's perception of a brand. Thus these small interactions can leave the user engaged with the site and also helps to accomplish their shopping at ease.

Mobile First Approach

As customers switch devices, they should receive the same quality of user experience they’ve been always receiving with your brand. It’s important to make sure that the experience your brand delivers is uniquely compelling and yet unfailingly consistent throughout the Mobile and Tablet devices other than Desktop.



Currently, one of the emerging trends in ecommerce industry is the use of messaging applications i.e chatbots . With the use of virtual shop assistant which responds faster to the user and adds the personalization that traditional online shopping lacks. Chatbot in their ecommerce site helps a business to have stronger relationships with their users.



Chatbots are highly effective when it comes to customer service.Enhanced interaction between the user and your site will create more opportunities and revenue.

Voice Commerce

Voice assistants are changing the way users are experiencing the shopping. With the help of voice commerce, completing a purchase becomes faster and can be accomplished at any time on the day—even while driving a car or eating, your Assistant can hear you and you can do shopping. Voice commerce allows for items to go directly to a customer’s shopping cart, and also buying it with simple voice commands.

Voice Search

Walmart and Google teams up to offer voice-based grocery shopping to its users.

Augmented & Virtual Reality 

With the help of VR and AR in e-commerce industry, it has made users feel the online shopping to real shopping experience comfortable at their own place.

Virtual Reality offers 360 degree view of the product which gives users the chance to visualize how a product looks and know product details before they actually purchase it. 

Using Augmented reality in ecommerce industry can personalize the shopping experience for your customers. With the use of augumented reality you can showcase interactive versions and realistic of your products. It helps get the right sense of scale, size and every details of the Product.

As per the report of statista The augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market amounted to an forecast 16.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is expected to expand drastically in the coming years, with forecasts for 2023 eclipsing 160 billion U.S. dollars.

Blockchain technology

Ecommerce and Blockchain Technology are both all about transactions. E-commerce depends on them, and blockchain enables them to be made faster, safer, and with more features than ever before.

Blockchain Technology

As Blockchain is a decentralised network which is not regulated by any central authority which implies that the customer and seller only control blockchain operations which also faster the transactions process. 

Supply chain management is the major element of any eCommerce business . Thus with the help of Blockchain, Record handling, tracking of products, database management has made more easy and secured. 


Making use of these technologies in your ecommerce website can put you ahead in the market place. 

But to capitalize on all these features, you need an expert team. Partnering with a qualified and experienced technology provider is the best way to compete in the global marketplace. 


Employcoder- Ecommerce Website Development Company has a team of expert Ecommerce developers who are ready to help you create an e-commerce website that will bring in more users and increase your revenue. 


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