Top 5 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Top 5 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Picking the correct technology to build up your mobile applications development is difficult thing. An arrangement of technologies are accessible to choose, and different elements decide the foundation of decision. 

There are a great deal of frameworks accessible out there yet After discussing over these hurdles at our Software Outsourcing Company we have listed the Top 5 Cross Platform App Development Frameworks for building versatile cross platform applications.

Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

React Native


React Native is a Facebook's JavaScript library which permits you to build versatile mobile applications dependent on React for building UIs. React Native has been the generally utilized programming Framework to develop exceptionally effective applications 

React Native Framework permits you to render UI for both iOS and Android. Facebook has made React Native open-source. It permits building up an application dependent on a solitary stage explicit code. 

React Native lets you to build up your application quicker and can reuse parts. You don't have to recompile the code rather you can reload the application in a flash. Hot reloading revives the UI right away when any progressions are made to the record.


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Flutter is Google's convenient UI toolbox which gives an open-source condition to creates applications for Android and iOS. With a solitary codebase, it helps in building excellent,  natively-compiled applications for mobile, web,etc. 

Dart language is utilized by Flutter for both Front and Back end and uses a receptive structure. Flutter has been utilized by extraordinary applications like Alibaba, Google Ads, Google Greentea, Hamilton Musical and significantly more to make an excellent application experience for their Customers.

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Xamarin a versatile application advancement framework comes up with tools for building cross platform applications that can perform practically like the native application. Xamarin utilizes the single code base to build an application that contains all the native highlights. 

Xamarin tools are accessible to download in visual studio and you can construct versatile applications from the visual studio. The advantage of creating with Xamarin is that designers don't have to think about Objective-C, Java or Swift to create applications. Knowledge in C# is required as the vast majority of the basic code is written in C#. 

Xamarin component store permits you to create applications with greater usefulness by including straightforward modules. It permits you to coordinate applications effectively with a large portion of the mainstream backends.

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Ionic framework is the free, open-source portable UI toolbox for building top notch cross-stage dynamic and hybrid Web Apps. Ionic encourages engineers to develop dynamic web and native applications for each major application store, with the regular codebase. 

A ton of core functionality of Ionic framework utilizes Angular JS. Consolidating Ionic with AngularJs is the most ideal approaches to build hybrid versatile applications. 

Ionic uses Cordova or PhoneGap to develop progressive web applications. With the assistance of Cordova/PhoneGap plugins ionic gives in excess of 120 native device highlights and TypeScript extennsions.




PhoneGap helps you to develop versatile applications with realized advancements like HTML, JavaScrip, and CSS. It assists with making applications for various platforms with a solitary codebase. PhoneGap permits access to the hearty library of modules to completely expand the abilities of your Hybrid Mobile applications. 

The applications that constructed utilizing PhoneGap can undoubtedly utilize the components of native assets of the devices without trading off the User Experience. The advantage for designers is that no compelling reason to get familiar with extra languages to create applications. knowing HTML5, JS and CSS is an extraordinary advantage.




In Conclusion:

With the above-given points, we can say that no language is good or bad. In fact, cross-platform frameworks will guarantee reliable, consistent, and effective solutions by implementing the correct method and using the correct coding approach. You can go with the one as per your project requirements or Hire Indian Developers from us who can help you with your project requirements.

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