Blockchain apps developer can convert your business and industry with blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology Solutions Provider

Our technology specialists help businesses embrace this futuristic technology in a seamless manner. From technical advisory to Blockchain consultancy, strategic development, implementation, and maintenance, we take care of the entire aspects of Blockchain adoption. In addition to building customized Blockchain applications, we enable our clients to make a smooth transition to the technology. We extend reliable maintenance services to ensure that these applications perform well and bring effective results for their businesses.

Key Benefits of Using Blockchain in Business Applications

  • User information and data remains tamper-proof
  • Blockchain brings trust, transparency, and immutability in records
  • Blockchain greatly reduces transaction time due to its round the clock remittance
  • Being an open ledger and wide access, data duplication can be avoided easily
  • Blockchain eliminates need of third-party authentication thus reducing transaction costs

Our Blockchain Development Services Include

Smart contract Development

Our Blockchain App Development Offerings are creation of blockchain contracts to safeguard your transactions in the platform. We also ensure that your smart contract code are perfect before they get updated in the Blockchain and become irrevocable.

Private Blockchain

Develop and implement a private, permissioned Blockchain to address client’s specific business requirements by utilizing cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger.


Using Hyperledger, we enable organizations to create robust, industry specified DApps, platforms, and the hardware systems that support their individual business transaction.


Elaborate ICO and Cryptocurrency development services to successfully launch your customised altcoin.Redefining Your Fundraising Strategy to Greater Profits Through Our ICO Services

Supply Chain Development

Improve transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs with effective supply chain solutions.Crystallise supply chain economics using blockchain technology. We integrate efficient inventory management and transparent transaction rosters that benefit all participants.

Blockchain in IOT

IOT, powered by blockchain technology, enables a low power, secure network that can remotely manage physical operations without centralized cloud servers.Reduces cost due to lack of intermediaries – on both IoT and Big Data.

We Provide Blockchain Solutions for Different Industries

We make an endeavor to resolve your real-life challenges with our innovative Blockchain solutions. Following are some of the domains, where we work



  • Cargo Assurance
  • Demurrage and Claims
  • Fleet Management

Financial Services

  • Corporate Bonds (Trade & Settlement)
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Global Remittance & P2P Payments


  • Health Records
  • Pharma Supply Chain Transparency
  • Provider Data Management


  • Commercial Insurance & Reinsurance
  • P2P Insurance
  • Subrogation


  • Inventory Visibility
  • Parts Provenance
  • Service Order Shipment


  • Distributed Marketplace
  • Food Safety in Supply Chain
  • Inventory Tracking

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