BlaBlaCar Clone App - Start a Ride Sharing App like BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar Clone App - Start a Ride Sharing App like BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar Clone App

BlablaCar Clone App Script is a ready-made package of source code with all the outstanding features of BlaBlaCar, with which one can easily start a carpooling business by developing a ride-sharing app like BlaBlaCar.

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BlaBlaCar - A New Form of Public Transport

BlaBlaCar a French online marketplace is the world's leading long-distance carpooling service, connecting drivers with empty seats to Co-travellers traveling the same way who is looking for a ride.

Founded in: 2006

Founders: Frederic Mazzella and Nicolas Brusson

HeadQuarters: France

The Concept of BlaBlaCar is simple that if you are traveling from one city to another you can find a car with an empty seat and can book a ride in that car. On the other hand of the market place if you are driving you can list your ride on this platform and can look for passengers to ride in your car so that you don't need to pay for you by yourself.

Highlights of BlaBlaCar 

 > One of Europe's Largest Startups

 > 80 million people worldwide are members of Blablacar 

 > Blablacar is available in 22 countries

 > BlaBlaCar's revenue exceeds $73 million annually.

Why Start a Ride Sharing App like BlaBlaCar

The Ride-Sharing Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.87% from 2018 to 2025, to reach a market size of USD 218.0 billion by 2025 from USD 61.3 billion in 2018.

From a recent survey, it has been reported that the Ride Sharing market is in continuous growth in upcoming years. Thus the Carpooling business is in continuous demand for the next coming years. So it's the right time to build an app like Blablacar and enter into a billion-dollar industry.

Launch your own Ridesharing App today with BlaBlaCar Clone App

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Get BlaBlaCar Clone App for Android, iOS & Web

Launch your Carpooling business now with our Blablacar clone app for all platforms like Android and iOS to the Web. We offer white-labeled solutions which are fully customizable that allows you to create your unique brand.


Features of our BlaBlaCar Clone App

Covering every aspect of the carpooling business requirements and to build a top-notch and unique ride-sharing app we have integrated the top features in our app.

Social Media Integration: Users can register and log in through their social media platforms which makes the login process easier that saves time.

Location Live Tracking: our Blablacar clone App allows riders to live track of the vehicles and aware of the location.

Instant Matching: With the Advanced search, it can easily match drivers with rides and also quickly.

Ride Scheduling: Users can schedule their rides in advance.

Ride Finding: This feature allows riders to search their rides with an array of details.

In-App Push notifications: Send Riders and Drivers messages and keep updated through push notifications.

Multi-Language Support: Our Blablacar clone App will support multiple languages that allow covering a large audience.

In-App Payment Gateway: Our Blablacar clone App comes with multiple payment options allowing rides to pay in ease and also drivers can easily withdraw their amount in ease.

Rating and Reviews System:  Our App comes up with  a rating system which helps Drivers and Riders to grade each other to help make the platform better.

Invoice Generation: This feature will generate an invoice after every ride has been completed with the fare of the trip.


Our BlaBlaCar Clone App Additional Features

 > Ride and Booking Details

 > Automatic Fare Estimation

 > Promo codes 

 > Chat System integration

 > Schedule Booking

 > Google Map Navigation

Why choose Employcoder's BlaBlaCar Clone Script

If you are looking to build a Carpooling app we employer provide top-notch Blablacar Clone App development 
to start your Ride-sharing Application.

 > App for both Android and iOS

 > Web App

 > Cost-Effective 

 > Turnkey Solution

 > Robust and Scalable platform 

 > Advanced Features

 > Powerful Admin Panel

 > SEO Friendly

 > Technical Support

Now it's your time to enter the on-demand industry and create an On-Demand app with BlaBlaCar Clone Script that provides true value to your audience with  Employcoder.

Wish to See how our BlaBlaCar Clone App works and looks? It's 100% free

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Disclaimer: We Employcoder never represents & doesn't have any control over the trademarks of ‘BlaBlaCar’. We only use these terms for a better understanding of our offerings. Our services designate no harm to any individuals or organization.

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