A well designed and developed financial software is the back bone of the investment firm which can earn the trust of the investors and the organization’s profit. Our investment software provides an option to invest on various assets like cryptocurrencies, Gold and others. Initially our development team has created Bitcoin investment software. The main feature of that software is, It let the users to invest on Bitcoin and get returns in an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis which is liable for the investment companies who are using our software.

Features of Investment Softwares

After an excellent reception for the Bitcoin investment platform our team has grown up to build an investment platform where the investment can be done on Assets, Cryptocurrencies, Gold and whichever the investment company provides as an option to invest to the user.

  • Investment on the company’s product
  • Allowing the users to choose their plan
  • Users will be able to do an investment after the KYC verification
  • The web application or a mobile app Platform
  • User can deposit and withdraw their money to the wallet we provide on the same server.
  • Based on the software administrator the plans can be customized.
  • Web application can be secured by the SSL, DDOS, wallet protection, 2FA authentication and server security measures will be provided.
  • Admin can set the returns or interest percentage from the admin panel.
  • Returns or Interest percentage will be calculated b y the software itself and sent to the users wallet.
  • Technical support for the software will also be provided even after the software delivery.

Why Employcoder as Software Development Partner?

An Investment company generally does their business by using software and trusting its features. Managing the capitals of the investors can be done perfectly only by the investment software. Even though there are finance management tools which are available online but there must be dedicated investment software which has to do its job 24/7 without any down time. In that case there is development partner is desperately needed for finance management. Since the investment software deals majorly on investor’s money it has to be robust enough to calculate interest, managing the funds, transferring funds, managing investors account with all the details.


Website for Financial Advisors

Investors have too many ideas to find a right place to invest and get profits out of it. In our software along with investment features we can connect the experienced investors in our website and others in the website can get advice from them and get benefited.


Bank Website Development

As how people do banking with the physical bank all those options can be implemented in our software like deposit, withdraw, exchange, bank loans (lending), affiliate program. We can also create banking website using a block chain technology as per clients need.


Web/Mobile Application Development

The finance software we are creating can be done both in a web platform and also as a mobile application which can impress lot more investors who can use it anywhere in their smart phones itself.

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