Start a Successful Multi Vendor E-commerce Marketplace Like Amazon

Start a Successful Multi Vendor E-commerce Marketplace Like Amazon

Amazon Clone Script

Amazon Clone is a powerful Multivendor Ecommerce Script that assists you to build and launch your own multi-vendor eCommerce platform as similar to Amazon. We Employcoder provide you the best and complete Amazon clone package which possesses both Amazon Clone Website and as well as amazon clone app for Android and iOS.

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Why Amazon Clone?

Amazon, an American Multinational Retailer founded on July 5th, 1994 by Jeff Bezos is headquartered in Seattle US. Amazon stands as one, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft in the list of "Big Four Technology Companies" which focuses on industries such as eCommerce, cloud computing, AI, digital & grocery distribution, consumer electronics, and so on across all borders of the world.

Amazon is the World's Largest E-Commerce Marketplace measured in terms of Annual Turn Over (Revenue) and as well as Market Capitalization. The main factor behind the Massive Success of Amazon next to its product selection strategy is its " Integrated Shopping Platform" which connects vendors who provide products to Amazon( A store as like Walmart) and also Sellers who directly sells products to the customers ( A Marketplace as like eBay) in a single platform (Amazon).

Apart from this, the lowest product price and fastest delivery of products help Amazon to grow a huge user base within a short span of time.


In addition, Amazon's attractive products and services such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Kindle, Amazon App store and more satisfy all the user needs at their own places. All these services and products of amazon play a vital role in building the success story of Amazon with mass brand Identity and turn over.

Thus starting an eCommerce platform like Amazon will surely bring you high ROI and a high brand reputation.

Benefits of Starting a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace with an Amazon Clone

An Amazon clone app will come with various factors that will benefit your business in every possible way.

Provides Customized Shopping Experience

Customers nowadays want personalized shopping experiences of your products to their unique lifestyle. With Amazon Clone you can provide your customers with an Online Shopping Platform through which they can select and buy products based on their needs.

Access to Stores

Customers will have instant access to the products from multiple stores through which they compare the various products Select and buy the best one based on their requirements.

Lower marketing costs

online marketing will cost you less with the Amazon clone App. Instead of spending money on other marketing tactics, the App itself will help you in marketing your brand easily.

Notifications and Alerts

Whenever a new product or offer is added to your platform, the customers will be notified on offers and new products instantly through In-App push notifications, text messages, emails, etc so they will never miss any of your offers.

A Platform for Branding

A Brand is the one that keeps you alive and sustains in the market for a long period of time. With the help of the amazon clone platform, you can establish your own brand among customers.

Faster Performance

With better and faster performance, the platform will be very user-friendly which has very low loading time helps customers to do checkout orders in very few seconds.


How Amazon Clone Script Works?

1. The multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace is the platform where the vendors sell their products and the users can buy products of their needs.

2. Vendors will register/login in and add their products which they want to sell on the platform and once it gets approved by the administrator it will be visible to users.

3. Users will Register/login to the platform through various options provided Email, Phone number, or Social Logins and complete the authentication process.

4. If the user likes a product from the Platform, then the user will place an order and payment will be made through online payment gateway system or through Cash on Delivery Process based on the user's wish.

5. The Product will be shipped and delivered to the customer within a few days of the order placed.

6. Once the product is delivered successfully, The admin will transfer the amount to the respective vendor. The Commission will be taken by the admin before transferring the amount to the Vendor.

7. The User can also return or Exchange the product easily without any hassle in the process.

Significant Features of Amazon Clone

Admin Panel Features

Admin Dashboard

Our Clone Script provides a flexible and Powerful Admin dashboard which helps you to manage the entire site very effectively by getting a clear overview of the complete operations and activities of Vendors and users on the platform.

Tracking Orders

The tracking order option in amazon allows you to track all new and old orders that were already delivered. With this, you can track the entire status and process of each and every order placed on the platform.

User and Vendor Management

This gives the total control of entire user and Vendor accounts in your platform and to manage them like Add, Edit, Remove or Deactivate the accounts.

Product Management

Our script allows you to regularly monitors the changes made in the products. you will get instant notifications whenever the product number goes below the specified limits. So that you can Pre-order your stock and manage them efficiently.

User Panel Features

Authenticated OTP Login

Users can sign up in to platform with a mobile number or email and allows them to log in only using OTP.

Search and Filter Options

Buyers can effectively search and filter products by using various options such as Price, Color and also allows buyers on your platform to sort the products based on their preference.

Add to Cart and Buy Now

It allows buyers on your eCommerce platform to add products they wish to the cart and they can purchase that product whenever they like. With Buy now option users can buy the products quickly.

Orders and Tracking

With the ‘Orders and tracking’ feature of our Amazon clone, Buyers can know the exact process and status of their purchase and can also track the arrival of their products with ease. 

Multiple Payment Options

Our Amazon Clone comes with multiple payment options such as Cash on Delivery or Online Payment through credit cards or Paypal with our integrated payment system that allows end-users to make their payments for the products.

Group Gifts & Gift Cards

Our Amazon Clone allows Users to purchase and can send gift cards with messages, adding pictures, etc to their loved ones. users can also use vouchers received from their friends for buying products.

Invite and Earn Credits 

Here the User will provide a referral code where they can share their referral code to their friends or anyone and can earn the bonus amount and use that credit for purchasing.

Vendor Panel Features

Product Management

This allows the vendor to add and manage product information which will be available for sale on the platform once the admin approves it.

Manage Orders

This option allows vendors to monitor and manage the orders very effectively and so that they can deliver the items without any delay to the customers.

Payment Options

With this payment section of our Amazon clone, vendors can accurately find their commissions or payments that they have received for a product from the Admin.

Amazon Clone App Development- Web & Mobile App

One of the easiest ways to bring more customers is to launch an App for your multi-vendor eCommerce business. Before developing an app, one needs to analyze the market and should come up with main business needs. An app should have all the features covering the main business needs. The Amazon clone App should be advanced and of great quality. It should be user-friendly and should be easy for users to buy products. 

Our Amazon Clone scripts are very efficient which satisfies every business's needs of the entrepreneurs or owners, and the code we used is licensed completely. We provide Readymade app solutions which helps in faster development and also cut down the costs. Our Amazon Clone Script enables you to launch your Amazon Clone App will all top features in a short period of time. Our Amazon Clone App are compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.


Where to get the best Amazon Clone?

I hope, now you are clear about the benefits of starting an online multi-vendor business like Amazon. Right?  Then this will be the query that rolls up in your mind."Where to get the best amazon clone script?". No worries.  You are straight on the right path.

We, Employcoder provides the powerful amazon clone script with all advanced features and plugins. Our developers are good at developing both readymade and customizable Amazon clone script with attractive functionalities. You can purchase our complete Amazon clone package which consists of Amazon clone script to launch your own eCommerce website like Amazon and Amazon clone app for Android and iOS which helps you to grab more mobile users through the mobile apps. We provide the best Amazon clone development with enhanced features at down to earth cost and on-time delivery.

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Our Amazon Clone Development Packages include

1. Mobile App for Android & iOS
2. Web App
3. Powerful Admin Dashboard
4. 100% Customizable
5. Multiple Payement options

Our Amazon Clone Script comes with Advanced Features 

1. Authenticated Login
2. Product Search and Filters
3. Multi-language Support
4. Multi Currencies System
5. Payment Gateway Integration
6. Add to Cart System
7. Tracking of Orders
8. Ratings and Reviews
9. Promotional Codes and Rewards
10. Product Comparison
11. Ads and Offers

In this fasting moving digital world, people prefer the internet and online shopping over physical stores and traditional shopping methods. Thus starting a multi-vendor retail business like amazon will pay you greater output ( Revenue ) with lesser input ( Investment ). 

Get our Amazon Clone Pack and launch your own online eCommerce business now !!

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Disclaimer: We Employcoder never represents & doesn't have any control over the trademarks of ‘Amazon’. We only use these terms for a better understanding of our offerings. Our services designate no harm to any individuals or organization.

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